Ariel Winter is featured in the newest issue of Rogue Magazine. This is my first experience with Rogue and I kind of like it. They have a dynamic layout and I love their styling. Ariel’s photos are bombshell sexy, because that’s her thing. I’ve never really seen Ariel model before, only pose on red carpets. She’s not bad in these shots, I love that top pic. In the article, Ariel discusses starting her career so young (age four) and how it has actually helped her with some of the negative … read more

Alexander Siddig was beyond thrilled when he scored the role of Doran Martell on Game of Thrones. I remember when he was cast, and he happily posted a bunch of stuff on his social media, and you could just tell that he was a huge fan of the show. But when the Dorne storylines were introduced, everyone just felt… underwhelmed. It was like there was no life behind that part of the story. Some of the actors – like Siddig – did the best they could with the material, but basically everyone hated … read more

Before I start screaming about Nate Parker, I would suggest that everyone take a moment and read this piece at Variety. It’s a guest column written by a woman named Sharon Loeffler. Loeffler is the sister of the woman Nate Parker allegedly raped at Penn State. Loeffler’s sister committed suicide in 2012, and Loeffler feels it is her duty to tell her sister’s story, and make the case for why no one should support Nate Parker. The whole piece is gut-wrenching, but I wanted to highlight this … read more

Even though she’s happily married to Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman is reflecting on her marriage to Tom Cruise, whom she married in 1990. Only 23 at the time, the Australian actress can’t believe how young she was when she said, “I do.”
“I was so young when I got married. I look back now and I’m like, ‘What?’ ” she told the U.K.’s Red magazine. “You look at Taylor Swift I mean how old is she? She’s 26. I had two kids by the time I was 27 and I’d been married for four years. But that’s what I wanted.”
Kidman … read more

Who’s under the sheet?! We won’t find out the identity of the victim on the gurney until the ninth episode of How to Get Away With Murder’s third season, but we officially have our very first survivor!
At the very end of episode two, we learned that—wait, are you ready for this? Spoilers ahead!—Okay, you’ve been warned. The first person whom we know for certain survives is none other than Oliver, a.k.a. the newest member of Annalise’s team. But Conrad Ricamora, who plays the sweet, newly single … read more

Her elimination is still a head-scratcher. Mari Takahashi went from being an early fan-favorite to surprisingly becoming the second person voted off Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X. Although filming wrapped in Fiji months ago, Mari tells us in our one-on-one interview that she’s still upset about her tribemates blindsiding her. Plus, she reveals which castaway she harbors the most saltiness toward. Mari Takahashi: You and the rest of the internet, man. You and the rest of the Reddit-ers. I usually … read more

Graphic video footage from the fatal November police shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis was shown in a Louisiana court on Wednesday, during the evidentiary hearing in the murder trials of two deputy marshals accused in the boy’s death. The police body camera video, available to the public for the first time, was introduced in court by prosecutors to show that one of the accused deputies, Derrick Stafford, has a pattern of using excessive force, CBS News reports. One state police official previously … read more

As long they’re hosted by Chris Harrison, we’d definitely tune in.
Good news: ABC made the first seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette available to watch for free on their streaming apps on Thursday (Sept. 29, 2016). It will be a joy and a pleasure to relive the first two storylines of Trista Rehn and that first guy, then Rehn and Ryan Sutter that made us fall in love with watching people “fall in love,” but we can’t help but consider the celebrities whose love lives we’d enjoy … read more

I’ll admit it: I didn’t think this Alicia Machado story was going to have legs throughout the week, and possibly beyond. But that’s what happens when you underestimate Donald Trump’s ability to be a baby-fisted vulgarian. To recap, Master Baiter Hillary Clinton baited the sh-t out of Donald Trump during Monday night’s debate. She baited him throughout, and he lied, bullied and threw temper tantrums throughout. Towards the end of the debate, Hillary name-checked Alicia Machado, the winner … read more

As we discussed a few weeks back, Miley Cyrus covers the October issue of Elle Magazine. The interview is a whole lotta Miley, so if you do read the full piece, you better strap in and get your bong handy. Which is exactly what Miley did before the interview – she tells the Elle interviewer a “detailed story about the blunt she said she smoked on her way to meet” said journalist. I also learned some new stuff from High AF Miley – she no longer employs a publicist (shocking), she doesn’t … read more

For years, Serena Williams has mostly avoided speaking about hot-button political issues. The few times that she did say something, it was always blown up and made into a major news story. But over the past two years especially, Serena has been talking more about race, America’s racial issues and how she feels as one of the most prominent #BlackGirlMagic heroines in the world. Maybe it’s because she’s in her 30s now and she’s matured, or maybe she just feels more comfortable these days as … read more

As we discussed yesterday, Us Weekly’s cover story this week is all about The Villainess Jolie’s “plot” to “destroy” Brad Pitt by… calmly filing for divorce and cooperating with an ongoing investigation into Brad’s conduct on a private plane. The first excerpt released yesterday did not include much new information. Thankfully, Us Weekly teased a bit more online throughout the day, plus LaineyGossip had the most interesting part from the print edition. Some highlights:
Old-school … read more

As we continue to wade through The Year That Ate Love, honestly any couple is up for grabs at this point. According to In Touch, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s union is the next one on the chopping black. Nicole and Keith have been together over ten years and every so often, magazines like to post a headline about their dissolving union. By my count, Nicole and Keith have not been “in trouble” since 2014 so now seems like the right time to break them up. That and because everyone else has … read more

In April 2015, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu met in Dharamsala for a historic conversation about joy. The Book of Joy (on sale now) chronicles the week-long discussion. On the final day, co-author Douglas Abrams asked the two great spiritual giants about the importance of joy in the world today. “Archbishop, Your Holiness, what an incredible joy and privilege it has been to join you in this conversation to prepare The Book of Joy. Today is just for a few final questions. … read more

The “Fast and the Furious” cast doesn’t have friends. They got family. And that family felt a major loss when Paul Walker tragically died in a car crash in 2013.
“Furious 7” gave Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, a memorable and tear-jerking send-off at the end of the film, and it appears that’s how it will stay for now.
Rumors that Walker’s character would appear in the next installment in the franchise, “Fast 8,” began spreading after an Entertainment Tonight interview … read more