The Girl on the Train doesn’t come out until October. While I didn’t think the book was the best thing ever (people acted like it was the greatest book since Gone Girl), it was a quick read and the ending justified the read. Oddly enough, I’m really looking forward to the movie for some reason. I almost believe that the movie has the potential to enhance and enrich the source material, and I’m curious about Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux and Haley Bennett in these roles. The latest issue of … read more

Woody Allen is opening up about the many life “traumas” he’s faced – including repeated accusations of sexual abuse by daughter Dylan Farrow. Addressing Dylan’s claims and his son Ronan Farrow’s explosive column for the Hollywood Reporter, which addressed the sexual abuse claims and condemned the media for not asking Allen about the allegations and stars for working with him, the director tells The Guardian, “I have no interest in all of that. I find that all tabloid stupidity.” “That situation … read more

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made a controversial decision before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers in Santa Clara, California, Friday night. Frustrated by the headline-making racial tension plaguing the country, the 28-year-old athlete decided to take a stand by not standing up during the national anthem. Instead, while the “Star-Spangled Banner” played, he remained seated at Levi’s Stadium – where the 49ers were set to play against his hometown team, the Green … read more

Nate Parker is “still learning.” In an exclusive interview with Ebony magazine on Friday, The Birth of a Nation writer, producer, director and star talked about his involvement in a 1999 college rape trial – and how he is moving forward. Parker, 36, was acquitted in a 2001 trial after an 18-year-old female classmate at Penn State accused Parker and his then-classmate and current collaborator Jean Celestin of sexual assault. Celestin was initially found guilty, but his conviction was later overturned … read more

Though the MTV Video Music Awards have been happening for over three decades, it’s still quite a mystery as to how some people actually manage to win the much-coveted Moonman. Every year, it seems there is always at least one act who gets shafted when a much sub-par video nabs the prize.
In its 30-something years of existence, there have been plenty of VMA winners that made us truly go, “Really? This won an award?” From music videos you’ve probably never seen before to ones that clearly … read more

The VMAs are all about celebrating talent, about highlighting the best work that artists bring to the screen. But let’s be real: They’re about drama, too.
Over the years, bands have beefed with bands, brothers have beefed with brothers, and rappers have beefed with unsuspecting techno artists. There’s no shortage of juicy VMA beef to be found in the archive. We ranked the show’s 17 wildest spats.
Bette Midler Hosts, Cyndi Lauper Shines, Mannequins Are Set On Fire: Liveblogging The ’84 VMAs Russell … read more

Sara Sampaio is speaking out against those violating her privacy.
In a lengthy Facebook post penned by the Portuguese model, Sampaio addresses the paparazzi who took pictures of her while sunbathing topless and the media outlets who chose to publish them. “How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find pictures of your 25yr old daughter topless all over the internet? Your daughter had done nothing wrong, she was sunbathing, she was not in a public place, she was privately minding her own … read more

Since the first MTV Video Music Awards went down at New York’s Radio City Music Hall in 1984, artists have treated the stage like a blank slate. Some mount Broadway-level productions (Lady Gaga’s cinematic “Paparazzi” from 2009), while others literally mount the damn stage (Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford protesting Limp Bizkit’s win in 2000). There are the artists who test the limits of broadcast censorship (Madonna’s iconic “Like A Virgin” routine at the inaugural ceremony; … read more

They’ve been dating for well over a year. 
And Jude Law still wasn’t able to take his eyes off his beautiful girlfriend Phillipa Coan, 30, as they headed out in East London on Friday.
The 43-year-old actor showed off his muscular physique in a vest top and striped cardigan while his blonde other half looked impressively leggy in a tiny navy jumpsuit.  The doctor of psychology basked in the summer sun with a pair of cool shades as she let her long blonde tresses run free. 
Jude took inspiration … read more

Having ventured straight to Italy with friends from the French Riviera, it is fair to say that Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish are living the high-life.
Yet it seems their relaxing break is only getting better since they headed on a fun-filled, sun-soaked boat trip with American actors Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka on Friday.
With all their children in tow, the two couples relaxed under the sun on a luxurious yacht off the coast of Portofino, before jetting off on a smaller, … read more

It’s an honor to be nominated, but everyone wants to win.
The MTV Video Music Awards are no different, regardless of what the stars say. Funnily enough, though, there have been some hugely talented performers—Grammy winners, even!—who have never won an MTV VMA of their own.
Case in point? The late Amy Winehouse. She performed “Rehab” live at the 2007 MTV VMAs and was nominated in three different categories (“Rehab” was up of Video of the Year and Winehouse was up for Female Artist of the Year … read more

She’s never shy when it comes to embracing eccentric fashion statements. 
And, clearly, it was business as usual for Nicole Scherzinger when she stepped out in London on Friday – with a nail in her ear. 
The X Factor judge, 38, was spotted with the DIY-inspired accessory as she began her talent show duties in the capital, where she certainly commanded attention. Ouch! The X Factor judge, 38, was spotted with the DIY-inspired accessory as she began her talent show duties in the capital, where she … read more

Amy Adams is likely going to have another big year, and she’ll probably get nominated for an Oscar again. She’s never won an Oscar, despite being nominated five times already. Unfortunately, I don’t really see how the stars will line up for her this year, but you never know. Amy has the lead role in Arrival, the aliens-are-here-and-they-want-to-communicate movie. She also has a big part in the ensemble Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford. Amy is partly on the cover of the new issue of … read more

Renee Zellweger doesn’t want to talk about her face anymore. After she sort of made the conversation worse with her HuffPo essay/word salad, she’s been playing it a little bit fast and loose. My opinion – and this is not a feminist critique but a PR-critique – is that Renee mishandled the conversation from the very beginning. If something is none of our business, say that. If you don’t want to talk about getting work done, say that. But exhaustive word salads about how you’ve never had … read more

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is on the cover of Latina magazine with a powerful editorial to promote her two big action films coming out. Deepwater Horizon with Mark Walhberg and Kate Hudson opens September 30 and Annihilation with Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac comes out next year. The interview is great because unlike most stars who start homogenizing their talking points as their star rises, Gina has become even more vocal and committed to bringing up her Latino community with her.
On … read more