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If you haven’t managed to see Hamilton yet—don’t worry, that probably puts you in the majority—you’ve probably heard Lin-Manuel Miranda rap with Jennifer Lopez in “Love Make the World Go Round” or perhaps you caught his performance at the 2016 Tony Awards. If not, then here’s your chance.

While appearing on The Tonight Show Tuesday, Miranda played a game of Wheel of Freestyle, where he faced off against The Roots member Tariq Trotter in a rap battle. Host Jimmy Fallon—admittedly not a freestyle rapper—was in charge of “spinning” the wheel, which churned out three random words. In the first round, Miranda received “robot,” “corn maze” and “Harry Potter.”

At first glance, it might seem impossible, but some how the Broadway star busted out a sick sounding rap. But did he follow the rules? While he mentioned the words “robot” and “corn maze” specifically, Manuel failed to say Harry Potter. He did, however, mention vicious spells from the fantasy series, so we’ll give him the win.

Up next, Trotter received “guacamole,” “lumberjack” and “Super Bowl.”

While Fallon mused that guacamole and Super Bowl could fit together, he was stumped by lumberjack. “These are randos, man,” Fallon noted.

Trotter, on the other hand, handled the random words like a pro.

Last up was Miranda’s final round, which entailed using “Pop Tart,” “unicorn” and “Election Day” in a freestyle rap. In an unexpected twist, Miranda’s rap turned sexual, so we won’t spoil it for you. Watch the video to see just how the Hamilton alum managed to transform his G-rated raps into a PG-13-rated rap.

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