Emily Blunt, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

This is why Emily Blunt is a Golden Globe winner.

Even on days away from the set, the Girl on the Train star is always ready to tap into her acting skills. This time, it was to deceive Jimmy Fallon during a round of his Tonight Show‘s signature “Box of Lies” battle.

As the tradition typically plays out, Fallon and his guest sit across from each other with a barrier in between them. After selecting a quirky boxed mystery item, each player then has to describe the item they have to the other player. Ultimately, the opponent has to determine if the other player is giving a truthful description or if their imagination has taken over.

Blunt began the round, picking a record player with a pepperoni pizza spinning on it. Blunt decided to stick with the truth and simply describe the peculiar item in front of her. It worked.

“You lie!” Fallon exclaimed. “You suck!” Blunt retorted, showing the spinning pizza to him.

“I’ve played with the best and that was some good acting right there!” the host admitted.

Next, it was Fallon’s turn. He selected a box, which had a smaller box inside, which had another box inside that. The item had Fallon hysterically laughing and it was enough to make Blunt believe he was lying. Point for Jimmy!

In the final round with one point for each team, Blunt picked a Frankenstein doll dressed in a clown costume. However, in a last ditch effort to become the Box of Lies champion, Blunt changed the story.

“It’s just messed up and you guys are sick. I almost feel like I can’t say this having daughters. It is a My Little Pony with a syringe stuck in it,” she lied. That, friends, is how you improvise!

Still, an expert Box of Lies players, Fallon saw right through the fib and emerged the champion yet again.

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