Everyone has an opinion on Kim Kardashian’s gunpoint robbery at Paris Fashion Week.

Late night television hosts and fashion journalists alike chimed in on Monday’s incident wherein Kardashian was bound, gagged, and robbed while being held at gunpoint in her Paris apartment at 3 a.m. local time. James Corden, who immediately spoke out in her defense on Twitter when the news broke, echoed his sentiments with sideline praise from Jamie Lee Curtis on Monday night (Oct. 3, 2016) on The Late Late Show.

“This very day, something really scary happened to a public person, and you were the first person to stand up and tell [Twitter users] that they should shut the f**k up and leave this poor woman alone and let her recover. And you—you said it! And I am impressed by you, very much,” Curtis said of Corden’s tweet.

“Regardless of whatever you think of someone, it’s someone being held at gunpoint in a room,” added Corden. “Just don’t say anything. Also, you don’t need to say anything. Just don’t do anything!”

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel expressed his disbelief at the reality of the robbery on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“We will tolerate a lot of nonsense, but you do not mess with Kim Kardashian West. Whether you like her or not, she’s one of us,” said Kimmel. “If we find out you harmed even a single extension on her People’s Choice Award-winning head, we will find you and we will make you so les misérables, you will wish you were never born to a woman who doesn’t shave her armpits.”

Finally, Conan O’Brien added his punchline to the pile.

“No one was hurt, but in a mansion in Paris, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint. Kim was bound and gagged—then the robbers broke in,” said O’Brien, followed by a disturbing amount of cheers from the audience. “And with that, his career was over.”

At the heart of the crime, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo spoke in defense of the city’s security as Paris Fashion Week continues its itinerary.

“It in no way affects the safety of Parisian public spaces … the streets are protected,” said Hidalgo. “I have every confidence in the police to quickly identify and apprehend the perpetrators.”

The Hollywood Reporter obtained quotes from editors and reporters at Paris Fashion Week that ranged cheap shots at Kardashian’s social media presence to theories that the whole thing was staged.

  • “Where did they get a gun? Sounds fake,” said a British journalist.
  • “She was probably drunk after the L’Oreal party and let them in accidentally. Or she tagged herself there. Criminals can have Instagram too,” said an American fashion editor.
  • “The whole scene that follows her around fashion shows is of her own making. If she didn’t have that scene her business plan would fall apart. Her wealth is predicated on it. I’m sure she’s going to turn up at another show,” added another American journalist.
  • “And they got away by bicycle?” questioned an attendee at the Hermes show.

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