Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard has plenty of love to give.

However, when the actor appeared on TBS’ Conan in July, his jokes about swinging with Conan O’Brien and his wife took the host by surprise. So, when Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell appeared on the show Tuesday, O’Brien wanted to clarify her hubby’s comments. “Are you aware that he was on the show recently and he casually on the air suggested a wife swap with you and my wife and us switching it up?” he asked. Bell just laughed, saying, “This sounds like my husband.”

Luckily, Bell offered O’Brien some relief. “I don’t want to hurt your feelings,” she said, “but you’re not the first person he’s tried to get us to swing with. He’s a very free spirit, you know.”

“I’ll just call him a horn dog,” Andy Richter joked.

Dax Shepard, Conan O’Brien

Bell confirmed that her husband is indeed very horny. “But around my parents, we say free spirit!” the Good Place actress joked. “He just loves people. He loves the human frame and he constantly suggests at different dinner parties that we ‘hang out’ and ‘really get to know each other.'” To be clear, Bell told O’Brien and Richter, “We’re not actually swinging with anyone.”

But would they? Bell and Shepard are “so in love” with their friends Ryan Hansen and Amy Russell—but they “haven’t consummated and will never,” the actress said. Instead, “We’ve decided that our couple will marry their couple. Since we got married, we call each other super spouses, and we are the first-ever four-way couple.” O’Brien teased, “It’s a little bit like a cult.”

O’Brien had considered Shepard’s proposal—albeit briefly. “I would be very interested in this, except for one thing: What Dax was wearing when he proposed this,” he said, showing a photo of Shepard wearing overalls. But Bell loved Shepard’s outfit, gushing, “Oh, look how cute he is!” Unmoved, the late-night host said, “A grown man cannot wear those OshKosh B’Gosh overalls!”

“I’d have sex with that,” Bell replied. “I do.”

“First of all, he can wear anything he wants, OK? He’s that adorable and charming, and he has his own sense of style. And don’t you think it’s great that he doesn’t just fall in line with like, ‘I guess I’m going to wear a suit, or a sweater vest, or whatever everybody else is doing.’ I don’t know what you guys are doing. He’s a spirited person and he likes dressing how he likes to dress,” said Bell, who has two young daughters with the CHiPs actor. “He also doesn’t like to dress up, which is where the overalls come into play. He doesn’t like buttons and ties, so he’s going to be casual 100 percent of the time. He’s also very manly! He works on all the machines at her house. If anything breaks, he’ll be able to fix it. So, he’s got to have overalls, you know?”


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