Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres, Haunted House

There was no shortage of expletives during this Haunted House visit.

Armed with Ellen DeGeneres‘ executive producer Andy Lassner, Ariana Grande stepped into the American Horror Story Maze at Universal Studios Horror Nights prepared for a sight—and more than a few frights.

Killer clowns, spooky skeletons and a bevy of other creepy creatures lurked around every corner waiting to catch the pop singer when she least expected it.

Though she tried to remain calm and polite, she couldn’t hide her fear as the spooks came after her. Grande even huddled to the ground while covering her head and ears to avoid being grabbed and pulled. Don’t worry, Ari—we would have done the exact same thing—and probably cried, too.

Meanwhile, Andy trailed behind and even begged the star not to leave him alone. “You abandoned me and that doesn’t work for me!” he told her. “You ran away!” she retorted.

However, they clung to each other for the rest of the maze as more characters came for them with axes. For the grand finale, a bloodied mother scared them not one, but three separate times. “I’m reporting her!” Andy threatened.

However, once the duo reached the exit, it all didn’t seem so horrible anymore. “That wasn’t bad,” he quipped. Meanwhile, Ariana was too busy finding her pulse.

“Somewhere in there is my heart,” she said as she clutched her chest. “Thank you, Ellen.”


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