I just read though like two dozen comments on a fashion blog where people had really, really strong feelings about Alicia Vikander’s eye makeup in this Porter Magazine shoot. Do people really need to have strong feelings about it? Perhaps. On one side, it’s nice to see Alicia do an editorial with a less “natural” style, because I often think her red carpet style is too “undone” and “natural.” Like, I would love it if she did some serious smoky eyes for the red carpet. But I also think that these Porter photos make her look really tired, and like a kid wearing too much makeup. Anyway, Alicia chatted with Porter about her boyfriend, Brexit and ballet. Some highlights:

On Michael Fassbender: “We’ve never hidden the fact we’re a couple. He’s extremely hardworking. He was like, ‘Give me something new! I just need a new idea. I need to do it differently.’ I just thought that was cool. Because that was what I was trying to do, too. To push each other and come up with new ideas each time.”

On Brexit: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am European. I grew up in a small country. Without it, I would not be where I am right now in my career – I wouldn’t have been able to live with my three girlfriends in London. As a foreigner, I probably wouldn’t have been cast in Anna Karenina if they’d had to pay for a working visa. I hope here in America that it opens people’s eyes that you can’t just let things happen. You need to get involved.”

She became friends with Tove Lo & Icona Pop’s Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo while she was a ballet student in Stockholm: “I kind of set myself the rule that I was going to find friends who weren’t part of that [ballet scene], to get a break. They were like the cool girls. That was kind of my rave period. I couldn’t even drink because I had to go to school, but it was kind of a relief to go out and dance.”

On speaking English: “You can seem reserved when it’s not your own language, because you think about what you want to say. And you get frustrated. The worst thing is when you start to sound fluent, so people assume that you are, but you don’t have a tenth of the vocabulary as everyone else.”

I don’t think she comes across as reserved when she speaks English, but I do find her uber-posh English accent annoying, as I’ve said before, which meant a lot of you were yelling at me. Like, I think it’s great that she’s so fluent that she feels comfortable enough to take English-speaking roles and do all of this press in the UK and America. All of that is awesome and it speaks to her education, drive and ambition. But for me, personally, the posh English accent that she’s adopted sounds so strangled and fake and it’s one the reasons I find it difficult to watch her films. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As for what she says about Brexit… yes, I’m sure Brexit will really affect so many actors and so many European and British productions. It’s going to be such a mess.

Via www.celebitchy.com

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