A special bond. Wendi Deng Murdoch opened up in a new interview about her friendship with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump.
The actress and film producer, 47, opened up to the Guardian about her close-knit relationship with Ivanka, 34. “Well, she’s not running for office,” Deng Murdoch — who has not publicly endorsed Donald, 70, or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton — told the publication. “She’s very impressive. She has three children and she … read more

Dozens of reluctant Donald Trump backers have withdrawn their support in the past few days. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he would no longer bother trying to defend the nominee, as it was eating into the time he needed to salvage his own career. John McCain said that he would write in the name of a “good conservative Republican who is qualified to be President” on his ballot, and plenty of his colleagues have said that Trump should step down altogether and let Mike Pence take the reins. (Since … read more

Last night (October 1) marked the 42nd season premiere of Saturday Night Live, hosted by actress Margot Robbie with musical guest The Weeknd. Robbie performed well in her first time as host, fresh off her star turn as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, while The Weeknd performed his two new singles “Starboy” and “False Alarm” and stopped by the Weekend Update desk to give a new edition of “The Weeknd Update.” THE WEEKND HITS HIS ‘STARBOY’ STRIDE ON SNL
However, the story of the night was SNL’s much-anticipated … read more

Lindsay Lohan not only wrecked havoc in a Moscow nightclub by refusing to pay the check and accusing a woman of stealing her phone, the international party girl reportedly created chaos at a luxury hotel in the Russian capital.
According to Russian website Life, the party girl, 30, refused to leave her room at the Ritz Carlton for hours after she was expected to begin filming an interview about ex Egor Tarabosov on popular talk show Let Them Talk September 16.
Assistants, producers, make-up artists … read more

It was the showdown billed as the most important moment of the 2016 presidential campaign so far. At long last, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off on the debate stage Monday night, and for an hour and a half the duo frostily exchanged barbs as the world watched. Although the pair started off with unexpected restraint, it was Clinton who fired the opening salvo, labeling her opponent’s economic plan “Trumped-up, trickle-down economics.” Later, as the Republican candidate defended his economic … read more

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley shared a laugh Saturday at the Zurich Film Festival premiere of their film Snowden.
The former child stars reunited with their Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone at Kino Arthouse Le Paris to promote the Edward Snowden biopic.
24-year-old Shailene looked elegant in a white lace and pink-patterned Valentino gown selected by her stylist Ilaria Urbinati. The Golden Globe nominee rocked a nineties retro nose ring with her sleek ponytail and striking red … read more

Jimmy Fallon may have interviewed both presidential candidates in the last few days, but that didn’t stop the Tonight Show star from having some good old fun. For Hillary Clinton’s appearance on Monday night, Fallon welcomed her with a surgical mask and plenty of hand sanitizer after she made headlines for her recent bout with pneumonia. “I’m not contagious,” she said with a laugh. “Nothing like a little rest when your doctor tells you to and you don’t do it.” Minutes later, 41-year-old Fallon presented … read more

From her hilarious performance in Ghostbusters to her weekly laughs on SNL, Kate McKinnon has proved herself to one of the funniest people alive over the past year. So it’s no surprise that she snagged her third consecutive Emmy nomination for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for SNL. As we prepare for the awards to be handed out on Sunday, take a look at a few McKinnon’s hilarious sketches that earned her the nomination – and potentially the prize! 1. The “Back Home Ballers” … read more

I have no idea where to start with Donald Trump. That’s how I’ve been starting so many Trump posts these days, I know, but it’s always true. The way he quickly cycles through controversies, flubs, mistakes, lies and horrendous scandals is mind-boggling. Just in the past 24 hours, Donald Trump has once again refused to acknowledge that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Eric and Donald Trump Jr. have lied their faces off about their father’s taxes and invoked the Holocaust … read more

Don’t touch the hair! Jimmy Fallon went where no TV host has gone before on Thursday, September 15 — the Tonight Show star got his hands on Donald Trump’s hair.
The Republican presidential candidate made his third appearance on the NBC talk show since announcing his candidacy in June 2015, and while he didn’t do a sketch with Fallon playing the former Apprentice star this time around, Trump did agree to let Fallon mess up his hair. The real estate mogul’s trademark coiffure has been a minor star … read more

There have been no shortage of things to get angry about during the 2016 election. Some moments have burned hot and fast like nitrate film stock, only enraging the internet for an afternoon. Other moments that feel more consequential have been pushed to the back of the drawer by the piles of junk that Donald Trump always has at the ready to keep our attention spans as short as his. We’ve compiled scandals and controversies, both from this year and from the candidates’ histories, into an outrage-pedia … read more

As Hillary Clinton‘s health woes intensify, one well-known doctor has claimed that the Democratic nominee may have been poisoned!
Bennet Omalu is a renowned pathologist who discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a brain disease, in several deceased NFL players. His story was told in the book Concussion, later adopted into a film of the same name starring Will Smith.
Omalu has again made national attention after he took to twitter to make a startling claim after Clinton was seen collapsing … read more

Bipartisan news coverage is broken — a fact inadvertently corroborated by The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth, Showtime’s weekly campaign recap show. Returning after a six-week hiatus, last night’s episode took the “both sides are equally to blame” tack for 2016’s toxic tone by juxtaposing Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton “an unstable person” and the Democratic candidate disparaging her opponent’s supporters as belonging in a “basket of deplorables.” … read more

Donald Trump blasted U.S. media as “unbelievably dishonest” in an interview with Larry King on Russian state-owned television on Thursday. During the segment for the Kremlin-funded RT America, King asked Trump what surprised him the most about running for president. “The dishonesty of the media,” Trump replied. “The media has been unbelievably dishonest. I mean, they’ll take a statement that you make, which is perfect, and they’ll cut it up and chop it up and shorten it or lengthen it, or do something … read more

The name murmured reverently on stage most often by Republicans in public forums rolls off the tongue like an alliterative prayer. Ronald Reagan is the only lodestar. May his success trickle down to us all. But in 2016, a time when most presidential campaign precedents have been left on the curb, Reagan’s name has gone nearly extinct. The current GOP nominee prefers to cite someone else as a leader worth emulating: Vladimir Putin. When asked to explain his admiration for the Russian president (an … read more