Take a second look! Some people believe that Time magazine purposely gave Donald Trump horns on his 2016 Person of the Year cover. The conjecture began to pick up steam on social media shortly after the publication revealed the president-elect, 70, as their choice for the annual title. In the photo, the letter “M” in Time is placed directly above the mogul’s head. “Ok so it’s probably just me but has Time magazine given Donald Trump the Glasgow traffic cone treatment or Devil horns?” one person … read more

The Olympian wife of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov sparked outrage after she danced in a Holocaust-themed ice skating performance on a popular Russian TV show.
Tatiana Navka, who won gold at the 2006 Turin Olympics, appeared with her dance partner, Andrei Burkovsky, on the Saturday, November 26, episode of Ice Age, where they dressed in striped uniforms emblazoned with yellow Stars of David and wore dark makeup to look bruised.
The duo’s routine was based on Life Is … read more

Ethan Coen is the Coen Brother not married to Frances McDormand. I’ll completely understand if you get Ethan and Joel Coen confused though, because I do too. Joel is the taller brother and he’s married to Frances. Ethan Coen is the shorter brother in these photos. Previously, if you had asked me if the Coen Brothers were particularly woke, I would have said “probably not.” I’m basing that off of their terrible joint interview earlier this year where they whitesplained/mansplained diversity … read more

This is what late-night looks like with Donald Trump as President of the United States.
After most of the talk shows went off the air during Election Night, so Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Conan O’Brien, shared messages of hope and humor when they returned to address a divided nation late Wednesday.
It’s no secret that Meyers favored Hillary Clinton. As he began his monologue on NBC’s Late Night, he shocked his audience by saying, “Well, … read more

Do we have ourselves to blame?
Throughout the presidential race, the media has made sure to reflect the bombastic, villainous tendencies of Donald Trump through endless late night spoofs and scathing parodies.
But now that Trump has officially been elected President of the United States, it’s clear that this political commentary had an inverse effect on the majority of Americans who ended up voting for the Republican nominee.
Like rebellious teenagers not wanting to listen to their parents’ advice … read more

Vladimir Putin congratulated Donald Trump via telegram on winning the 2016 presidential election, NBC reports. The Russian president, 64, wrote that he hoped “for cooperation in ending a crisis in Russian-American relations” and that Trump’s victory could help build “a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington on the principles of equality, mutual respect and real consideration for each other’s position.” The message was posted on the Kremlin website. Trump, 70, has adamantly denied … read more

U.S. voters may be divided on the surprise results of the presidential election, but much of the rest of the world isn’t. In a show of unity and support, world leaders from Australia, Israel, Afghanistan and more sent their congratulations to Donald Trump following his triumph over his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, on Wednesday, November 9. As previously reported, Russian president Vladimir Putin wrote a telegram to the mogul, 70, who was selected as the 45th commander in chief. Per NBC … read more

In their last appearance as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before the election, Saturday Night Live performers Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon broke character and took a moment. The cold opening started off per usual with Baldwin as Trump slinging mud, kissing an FBI agent, Vladimir Putin and a member KKK, and thinking Twitter is private, while McKinnon’s Clinton grows more and more frustrated over the incessant questions about her emails.
Finally, McKinnon makes an impassioned plea to Americans. … read more

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon are ready for the presidential election to end. The hilarious Saturday Night Live duo reprised their roles as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the last time before Election Day (Tuesday, November 8) — and they actually hugged it out.
The Saturday, November 5, episode’s cold open started as usual: Trump faced off against Clinton as they discussed a wide array of topics including the Republican presidential candidate’s connections to Russian president Vladimir … read more

Saturday Night Live wrapped up its last episode before Election Day last night (November 5), offering up its final bit of election commentary before Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. The show began much like the other episodes from this season: with a cable news showdown between Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Clinton (Kate McKinnon). However, after trading the usual barbs about Hillary’s emails and Trump’s supporters (including Trump kissing an FBI agent, Vladimir Putin, and a KKK member … read more

Saturday Night Live’s final episode before the election aired last night. In previous years, presidential candidates will try to make cameos or appearances on the pre-election episode, but not this year. So we were treated to this cold open skit with Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. The first part of segment is about the media’s false equivalency, and how Trump could make out with FBI agents and Vladimir Putin on live television and journalists would still … read more

With the presidential race closer than ever, some celebrities have been vocal about moving to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election.
Steven Seagal seems to be preparing for a worst case scenario as well, but will apparently be heading the other way.
On Thursday, it was announced that the Under Siege actor was granted Russian citizenship by President Vladimir Putin himself! According to Russian press, Putin signed the order after Seagal repeatedly asked for citizenship.
The self-identified Republican’s … read more

The two people running for the presidency this year have been called demons, clowns, children, puppets, and animals. This is unfair to all the clowns, children, and animals who have gracefully campaigned for office. (However, we refuse to defend any demons and puppets seeking an elected position.) Here is our tribute to them, because it’s Friday and we all deserve a moment to think about cat mayors after this week.
(Note: 100 percent of elected animals are a publicity scam, although that … read more

Last night was the big Al Smith Dinner, the event that takes place during every presidential election cycle. It’s an annual event, I believe, but every presidential cycle, the Smith family and the Catholic Church invites the Democratic and Republican candidates for president. The results are historically mixed, although the dinner has had a pretty good run in the past two election cycles. Then Senator Obama appeared at the dinner in 2008 with Sen. McCain, and both men were funny and self-deprecating. … read more

Stephen Colbert took aim at Donald Trump in a live edition of The Late Show on Wednesday, October 19, which aired right after the last 2016 presidential debate.
“We just witnessed the third and final presidential debate, because two’s not quite enough and I think four would make us go cannibal,” Colbert told the audience in his opening monologue. He began by talking about the Republican presidential candidate’s accusations that the election is rigged, saying the “definitive moment of the evening, … read more