Andy Cohen grilled Kim Zolciak about not wanting to admit she’s got a nose job.
During Wednesday’s (Dec. 15, 2016) episode of Watch What Happens Live!, the Bravo reality star once again defended that she’s never had plastic surgery to fix her nose — even when the host provided photographic evidence that suggests otherwise.
Cohen pulled up a pic from season one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and compared it to her current look. Obviously, it looks like she’s had work done. “So you … read more

Kanye West’s recent breakdown may have been the result of taking the wrong dosage of medication. According to TMZ, the “Famous” rapper has been taking prescription drugs to help him deal with his psychological issues for quite some time. However, he allegedly stopped taking his meds which ultimately led to his hospitalization.
It’s unclear whether West flat-out stopped taking the pills or if he decided to take different amounts, but the stress he suffered after Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery … read more

J. Cole seems to be making clear reference to Kanye West in his new song, “False Prophets.” After dropping a video documentary titled Eyez, the rapper preview some new tracks from the upcoming album — including one that appears to call out West’s recent meltdown.
Although he never specifically names The Life of Pablo rapper, Cole raps about an unnamed star’s fall from grace. Here’s are the lyrics:
Ego in charge of every move, he’s a star / And we can’t look away due to the days … read more

Celebrities showed their support for Kanye West after he was hospitalized on Monday (Nov. 21, 2016). Shortly after the rapper canceled the remaining U.S. dates on his Saint Pablo Tour, news broke out that West had been taken to UCLA Medical Center due to exhaustion. Except for Kris Jenner, his family has yet to publicly address his hospitalization. However, Kim Kardashian missed the Angel Ball to be by his side.
Now, a number of Hollywood stars have voiced their support for West. Meanwhile, West … read more

Kanye West ended another show early after delivering a heated rant about Jay Z and Beyoncé. The rapper, who recently revealed he would have voted for Donald Trump had he voted, slammed the couple in a lengthy on-stage monologue in Sacramento, Calif. “Beyoncé, I was hurt! Cause I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me, and over ‘Hotline Bling,’” West said.
“In my opinion — now, don’t go trying to diss Beyoncé, she is great. Taylor Swift … read more

Leonard Cohen has died at age 82. The beloved Canadian singer-songwriter’s passing was confirmed Thursday night by his official Facebook page and first reported widely by Rolling Stone. “We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries,” Cohen’s label wrote on Facebook. “A memorial will take place in Los Angeles at a later date. The family requests privacy during their time of grief.” No further details have been shared.
Born to a well-known family in Montreal’s Jewish community, … read more

In the spring of 2014, the surviving members of Nirvana took the stage in New York’s Barclays Center. The band had just been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and were about to perform four songs. But the obvious absence of their late frontman, Kurt Cobain, raised questions that initially seemed insuperable: Who would sing? Who could sing with Nirvana? Who could replace him? There’s an immense difficulty implicit in covering any famous artist’s works, as covers spur comparisons … read more

Jason Sudeikis has his priorities in order.
Harry Connick Jr. didn’t fault the actor for canceling his Harry appearance last Tuesday. And how could he, as Jason welcomed a daughter, Daisy Sudeikis, with fiancée Olivia Wilde? “I was supposed to be here at 4,” the 41-year-old Son of Zorn star explained when he returned Friday. “She came out at 3:39. She does not care about show business, but she will!”
Days before Olivia, 32, gave birth, she had a false alarm. “We came really close,” Jason told Harry. … read more

On October 1, the Selena x MAC Collection was released online. Fans were lining up five days before it dropped in stores. Now, just two weeks later, the highest reported eBay price for the collection reached $3,055 (woof), and MAC, trying desperately to keep up with the demand, announced that the line will be restocked. Everyone recognizes that this collection is our last chance to celebrate the late Selena Quintanilla-Perez, while allowing ourselves to imagine what could’ve been. Selena x MAC … read more

In 1991, when Nevermind rattled loudly into the world, I was too young to know music as anything other than a vast collection of sounds, some of which made the people around me very happy. In a basement, or perhaps the back of a car, or any insignificant space with speakers, I first heard the now-iconic guitar’s collision with the now-iconic drums at the start of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and there was no revelation. I cannot claim to have remembered the faces of whoever was around, hearing … read more

When the Canadian band DIANA uploaded their instantly popular synthpop song “Born Again” to SoundCloud nearly four years ago, it was clear that the band was onto greatness. Lead singer Carmen Elle — who’s also one-half of the rock duo Army Girls and has performed with bands like Austra — stood out immediately, her icy voice cutting through DIANA’s sultry sounds like a blade. Together with her bandmates Joseph Shabason and Kieran Adams, she released the trio’s debut, Perpetual Surrender, … read more

Kurt Cobain died more than 20 years ago, but that fact hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from claiming the Nirvana singer is alive and well. Oh, and also Peruvian.
After a video of Peruvian singer Ramiro Saavedra performing the grunge band’s hit “Come As You Are” began re-circulating online ― the footage was uploaded to YouTube in 2012 ― people on the internet couldn’t help but point out the resemblance between the two men. It should be noted, though, that Saavedra’s performance … read more

A week after dropping his EP Prima Donna, Vince Staples has shared a brain-bending short film that reflects on celebrity and the psychological toll of fame. Be warned: this one is quite the mindfuck.
Directed by Nabil, the 10-minute visual takes us through a bizarre series of events, soundtracked by snippets of the EP’s songs. It begins with Staples wrapping up a generic music video shoot, then taking a hallucinatory cab ride to a hotel with heavy The Shining vibes. The hook of the EP’s title … read more

Hollywood is full of secrets, and scandals, and is revealing which conspiracy theories are true and which are not!Could Michael and Latoya Jackson be the same person? That strange theory first arose when fans claimed that the King of Pop was hardly ever seen in the same room with his sister! But the rumors were debunked after the two were photographed together during his molestation trial.After his death in 1966, many believed that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen to be bought … read more

The VMAs are all about celebrating talent, about highlighting the best work that artists bring to the screen. But let’s be real: They’re about drama, too.
Over the years, bands have beefed with bands, brothers have beefed with brothers, and rappers have beefed with unsuspecting techno artists. There’s no shortage of juicy VMA beef to be found in the archive. We ranked the show’s 17 wildest spats.
Bette Midler Hosts, Cyndi Lauper Shines, Mannequins Are Set On Fire: Liveblogging The ’84 VMAs Russell … read more