Tonight in Episode 4 of Westworld, we learned more about the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and his mission in Westworld, and it did not disappoint.
What did we learn?
Firstly the Man in Black is actually a hero in the real world. When the Man in Black met up with the bandits in tonight’s episode, there was another human with the party. He recognized the Man in Black and credited him with saving his sister’s life. He would have gone on if the Man in Black hadn’t cut him off because he just wanted to enjoy … read more

The third episode of Westworld — which is starting to look like a fucking utopia compared to the rape-addled nightmarescape we currently inhabit, can somebody please give me $40,000 and remove my frontal lobe, thanks — begins with the long-suffering Dolores being fucked with by Bernard yet again. He hands her a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and is like, “Here’s another story about a woman being mad gaslit by everyone around her and having her concept of reality and self shattered … read more

Well, Westworld didn’t waste any time getting extremely ambitious.
Tonight’s episode of Westworld dove headfirst into the issue of the human consciousness. Which means, undoubtably, that religion and the idea of God are entering the show in a big way. The big question: Can a robot have a soul? The answer, by Westworld’s standards, seems to be a definitive “yes.” Though we’re only three episodes in, the show isn’t wasting any time tackling the big themes. With characters like Dolores and Maeve “waking … read more

What do you call a robot who hears voices in its head?
Bad news for the guests at Westworld, for one. The HBO sci-fi series delved a little bit deeper this week into what makes the hosts of the Westworld theme park tick — and revealed the name of the man who wanted them to be more like men than machines, with unfortunate results. The ramifications of robot consciousness were front and center in the Sunday, October 16, episode, called “The Stray,” as we saw Teddy get a murderous character change, … read more

I am a big fan of the “challenge” movement for charities and research. Not only are they proving effective for raising funds and awareness for very worthy causes, they are a great deal of fun for us fans. The latest challenge is the Polished Man Challenge aimed at ending violence against children. Founded by the Australian charity YGAP, Polished Man asks men to paint one nail for the month of October. The challenge is male specific is because, as the organization says, “90% of all sexual violence … read more

These famous men are sporting a mani with a mission. When Zac Efron shared a photo of his pointer finger with a coat of fresh red polish on social media, he sparked a few questions. Was the color for a role? Was he simply trying out a new look? What had inspired the Hollywood hunk to dip his toes finger into the world of nail decor. Turns out—it’s all for a good cause. “Happy to paint one nail and be a @PolishedMan this month to say no to violence against children,” the actor captioned his Instagram … read more

Westworld settled into Season 1 tonight with its second episode, and I have a theory about these strange happenings with the robots.
I think it’s intentional, and I think Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is behind the changes.
Dr. Ford clearly has the genius to make a cognizant robot with emotional memory, and he also has the motive. He seems to regret creating a world bent only on satisfying the sadistic parts of our humanity, like rape and murder. He clearly wants something more from Westworld, … read more

I’ll probably always have a great deal of affection for James Marsden just because of his role in 30 Rock. He was sort of perfect as the handsome loser, the beta-man to Liz Lemon’s alpha, and the one guy who wanted to stay home with the kids and watch Dance Moms. It was a perfect fit for Marsden, who always seems to have happily wandered through Hollywood, finding success here and there without really trying. Marsden covers the new issue of GQ to promote his big role in HBO’s Westworld, that … read more

Here are some of the news stories that you may have missed today, featuring Backstreet Boys, Paris Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and more.
Backstreet Boys have announced Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life, a Las Vegas residency show slated for 2017. [MTV]
Paris Jackson got a little help from her friends in a new shoot for a popular art and fashion mag. [TMZ]
Ghost in the Shell featuring Scarlett Johansson comes from a super famous manga comic from the 1980s, but the teasers just released for the movie … read more

Kim Kardashian’s glam squad may use over $1,500 worth of products when they’re getting her ready for the red carpet, but the reality star admittedly as a simpler and cheaper routine when she’s doing her own makeup.
The mom-of-two, who was spotted heading to a business meeting on Thursday (Sept. 22, 2016), recently gave a breakdown of her daily regime, showing fans exactly what she puts on her face when her go-to makeup artists aren’t around. Filming the steps, Kardashian gave an impromptu … read more

Here are some of the news stories that you may have missed today, featuring Chris Brown, Kate Winslet, Drake and more.
Chris Brown’s getting a visit from police and child services as part of the investigation into the alleged gun incident at his house. [TMZ]
Kate Winslet opened up in a recent interview about how her status as one of Hollywood’s most successful stars has been the best “revenge” on her childhood bullies. [Us Weekly]
Enter to win Who Can I Be Now? (1974-1976), the second in … read more

James Marsden is most well-known as the guy who never gets the girl, but despite being constantly slighted on screen, the actor only has one real regret. In the latest issue of GQ, the cover star reveals the biggest regret of his career is turning down a role in the massive hit, Magic Mike. Marsden revealed Channing Tatum reached out to him to let him know he loved his work in Enchanted and wanted him to come on board for the stripper film, but Marsden wasn’t sure he could play a stripper.
“I … read more

There’s no denying that James Marsden is famous.
Obviously, he’s starred in numerous films and taken on a number of roles that you’ll likely never forget. Plus, he has the charisma and charm to create scenes you’ll always hold close to your heart (like the time he got up and sang “Benny and the Jets” in 27 Dresses…sigh).
But, Marsden is the first to admit that his career isn’t exactly one like, say, George Clooney. He can go places and definitely turn some heads, but the facial expressions read … read more

Adam Brody recently opened up about what it would be like to star on a show as popular as The O.C. in 2016. The actor revealed in a new interview that he believes that the level of  fame he and co-stars Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie and Rachel Bilson faced when the show began 13 years ago would be much crazier in this day and age.
“That show came out in 2003, and in terms of how fast technology is moving ? Well, maybe not, that’s a long time ago now, but still? No Twitter, no TMZ. I … read more

Gisele Bündchen is the reigning queen of the modeling industry, and she recently nabbed the top spot on Forbes’ list of highest-earning models — a title she has held for 15 years.
In 2015, Bündchen revealed that she would no longer be strutting down the catwalks, but she’s continued to earn big money with her campaigns, including deals with Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Stuart Weitzman. So how much does the top model in the world earn? According to Forbes, Bündchen raked in a whopping $35.5 … read more