Let’s talk true crime. Society’s unwavering obsession with understanding, dissecting and chronicling each and every detail behind humanity’s most reprehensible acts is certainly nothing new. And lucky for pop culture fanatics, the genre has undoubtedly become stitched into the very fabric of the entertainment word. And while some would say doubting prosecutions, rehashing evidence and asking a victims’ loved ones to relive their pain day after day is callous and exploitative, millions of television … read more

In 2012, Audrie Pott, a high school sophomore in Saratoga, California, drank too much at a party, passed out, and was sexually violated by three of her male friends, who scrawled lewd messages all over her unconscious body, stuck a foreign object inside of her, took photos of her in this state, and distributed them all over their high school. Pott, overwhelmed with fear and confusion and taunted relentlessly by her classmates, hung herself a week later. That same year, Daisy Coleman and her best … read more

After a film festival screening earlier this year of Netflix’s new documentary Audrie & Daisy, its star, Daisy Coleman, learned just how much it resonates with teenagers. The screening was for an audience of 600 high school students in Toronto, she says. Afterward: There was a line of boys and girls out the door of the theater, wanting to talk about it. “And it was just so powerful knowing that so many people were affected by this,” Coleman tells PEOPLE, “and so many people actually took this … read more

One night at the end of my sophomore year of high school, barely a month after my 16th birthday, my life changed course forever. After experimenting with what I was told was marijuana for the first time, I was raped by two boys with whom I went to school. I was young and naïve and scared of backlash, so I tried to keep what had happened to myself for nearly eight months.
We lived in a small town, though, so my parents eventually found out about the assault. Scared for my safety, they decided to … read more