I hope Santa Claus treated you all well this year, and that none of you ended up with coal in your stocking. (I got a Fitbit from the BF, which I actually asked for – it was not a passive-aggressive hint that I needed to watch my weight or anything.) Some people, however, lucked out a bit more this holiday season than others, like recent college graduate Rebecca Howe, who found a gorgeous red dress under the proverbial tree from none other than model/snappy dresser Chrissy Teigen. The 23-year-old … read more

Spoilers for season five of Nashville, as shown in the trailer, follow
When many of your favorite shows come back from winter break (which I still think is stupid), a returning favorite will be joining them. Fans helped revive the ABC nighttime soap Nashville and Rayna, Deacon and the gang are heading back to the small screen, making their debut on CMT on Thursday, January 5th. I, for one, am beside myself with excitement. And, if you’re a fan like me, you can catch a special “sneak peek” … read more

Fans went crazy when ABC announced that it was canceling “Nashville” ahead of the Season 4 finale in May. Although the show’s ratings had dropped a bit, its fan base was one of the network’s most loyal and the news came as a shock. Still, the cast was just as surprised as the Nashies by all the ups and downs, even when ― HOORAY! ― the show was renewed by CMT.
“We literally found out that it got picked up [along with] the rest of the world, like same time, all online,” series regular … read more

Good news for you Nashville fans out there, when the show returns after being rescued from cancellation by ABC, stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere will reprise their characters for the show’s fifth season. I, personally, am giddy with excitement.
The show got picked up by CMT (and will also be available on Hulu for my fellow “cord cutters”) after a successful “bring back this TV show” social media campaign. Side note: could we try this with The Muppets? According to TV Line, Connie … read more

Chris Carmack was once best known for his jock character’s line, “Welcome to The O.C., bitch!” Nowadays, he’s more synonymous with Nashville than Newport, and he’s taking that country vibe off-screen. The Nashville actor’s role on the show has had some influence on his real life. But even though Carmack recently released his EP Pieces of You, but country music wasn’t always on his radar. “I’ve always wanted to sing and play. My first love was jazz,” Carmack, 35, tells PEOPLE. “I played jazz sax … read more

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t … oh, wait, wrong show. When the good people at CMT saved “Nashville” following ABC’s unceremonious cancellation of the country soap after four seasons, fans were left with more questions than the residents of Nashville under Teddy Conrad’s mayorship. Who would be back? Are they sending Maddie to a boarding school for the rest of eternity? Would Juliette’s errant plane make its way home or would Season 5 find her wrecked on a “Lost”-like deserted island? Now we can … read more

Nashville’s shaping up! Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are at the very last stages of their Nashville: Season 5 negotiations, and sources tell Variety it’s pretty much a done deal. As TV Line also reported on Wednesday, June 29, the fan favorites are set to return to our screens when the hit musical show moves across to the CMT at some point in the near future – and the even better news is they’re not alone. Charles Esten, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson, Clare Bowen, Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella … read more

Rejoice, for your Nashville queens are both returning for season five! Connie Britton’s hair will grace your TV screens for another year as the actress and costar Hayden Panettiere are both heading back to the drama as it makes the move from ABC to CMT.
According to TVLine, the actresses will reprise their roles as your favorite country music superstars Rayna James and Juliette Barnes, respectively, in the show’s first season on the cable network. They’ll likely be joined by Charles Esten, Jonathan … read more

Well Nashville fans, it appears our social media cries of #BringBackNashville haven’t fallen upon deaf ears. We very well may find out the fate of Juliette Barnes and our favorite fictional country artists. Variety has reported that the series may have been picked up for its fifth season by CMT (Country Music Television.) It’s a great move, as the cable network already has the syndication rights to seasons 1-3. After it was announced that Nashville would be cancelled, Lionsgate, who produces … read more

WARNING: this post contains spoilers for the Nashville series finale.
I can’t remember a series ending as annoyingly as ABC’s Nashville. Everything was going along so well as the episode progressed on Wednesday night. Here’s a quick rundown: Maddie un-emancipated herself and came home to Rayna, Deacon and Daphne. Will got back together with Kevin and confronted the hateful TV journalist who lambasted him for promoting his “gay agenda.” Gunnar and Scarlett got back together. Layla was exposed … read more

Another Nashville wedding is in the works. Chris Carmack – who plays gay country singer Will Lexington on the hit ABC show – is set to wed Erin Slaver, his rep confirms to PEOPLE. The actor-singer’s fiancée, who has appeared on Nashville as one of Juliette Barnes’ (Hayden Panettiere) backup singers, shared the happy news on Instagram Tuesday. “Sparkling drinks and fingers,” Slaver wrote of the shot of her and her husband-to-be (and a peek at the rock on that finger!), playfully rounding out … read more

You’re used to seeing him sitting courtside at Knicks games or watching from a suite at Rangers games, but on Thursday night James Dolan – owner of the Knicks, Rangers and Liberty – was playing a different role entirely. The executive chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company has his own band, JD and the Straight Shot, and they celebrated the release of their album Ballyhoo! at the Rose Bar in New York City. The bluegrass-type group played a handful of songs for fans and Dolan’s famous friends … read more

“The O.C.” left our lives almost ten years ago, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still dream about going back to California. Adam Brody clearly agrees with us, because he’s currently in the sunshine state filming a classic California story — a remake of the iconic cop show “CHiPs,” about two motorcycle-riding police officers in the state’s Highway Patrol. Of course, if you know “CHiPs” at all then you know that it’s set in the ’70s, which can only mean one thing: mustaches. … read more

Although coined in 1978, the term “impostor syndrome” has been extra prevalent throughout 2015. And so, as the year ends, now seems like as good a time as any to share a story of how one famous actor overcame the possible trap.
Before getting into that story, perhaps the best recent tackling of the subject came in October from writer Jazmine Hughes, who dressed like the character Cookie from the show “Empire” for a week to overcome feelings of inadequacy at her new job at The New York Times. The … read more

Being with Blake Shelton has give Gwen Stefani a much-needed jolt of self-esteem. Stefani’s co-star on “The Voice” has been kind and sweet to her, which is what she needed following her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. Stefani’s friends said she described her ex as a control freak, reports TMZ.com Rossdale, apparently, was less than thrilled with Stefani’s parenting skills and there are grumblings that he considered her a not very supportive spouse. When her marriage of 13 years dissolved, Shelton … read more