2016 is almost over, but we still have time for one more roundup of the most bizarre news nuggets from state politicians around the country. For political types looking for some New Year’s resolution ideas, we’ve got some of those too. For starters, how about convincing your constituents to stop throwing their goldfish in random ponds? (We’ll come back to this.)
Letters to the Editor: Trump Era Edition
After The Enid News & Eagle endorsed Hillary Clinton, the newspaper lost 162 subscribers. … read more

“Sorry, not sorry” has never been more applicable.
Donald Trump definitely doesn’t need help when it comes to sharing his own xenophobic outlook on life, but one of his advisers is making him look liberal by comparison right now!
That’s because just days after getting cause making racist jokes about President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Buffalo Public Schools board member Carl Paladino is now taking back his tantrum… and it may legitimately be the worst apology of 2016. In case … read more

He’s definitely not wishing the Obamas a Merry Christmas.
New York State Developer Carl Paladino (above, insert) has come under fire for derogatory and racist comments he made on his 2017 “wish list” — which included hoping that Barack Obama dies from mad cow disease and Michelle Obama lives with a gorilla in an African cave.
Paladino, who co-chaired Donald Trump’s New York campaign, is refusing to back down from the offensive remarks of what he would “most like to happen in 2017.” The irreverent … read more

Dozens of reluctant Donald Trump backers have withdrawn their support in the past few days. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he would no longer bother trying to defend the nominee, as it was eating into the time he needed to salvage his own career. John McCain said that he would write in the name of a “good conservative Republican who is qualified to be President” on his ballot, and plenty of his colleagues have said that Trump should step down altogether and let Mike Pence take the reins. (Since … read more

Party front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each lost Tuesday’s key Wisconsin primary by 13 points to their respective rivals, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. So what do these results mean – and where do the candidates go from here? Wisconsin is a significant victory for the Vermont senator and will likely earn him millions in fundraising dollars, and give him a momentum boost going into the upcoming New York primary. But the Midwestern state is not a game-changer in the vein of Florida … read more