We only have less than four weeks to enjoy President Barack Obama. Then all hell breaks loose under President Orange. So, Obama has continued to do his exit interviews, and he ended up sitting down with his friend David Axelrod for Axelrod’s podcast. The interview came out after Christmas, and there’s one part in particular that has drawn the ire of President Orange. Though he is barred by the Constitution from a third four-year-term, President Obama believes voters would have supported him … read more

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” —Bernie Sanders, to Hillary Clinton, October 13, 2015
On the opening day of the Democratic National Convention, a group of Bernie Sanders supporters crashed the morning meetings of the Florida delegation. The target of their ire was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida congresswoman and, until a few days prior, the chairwoman of the DNC. As Schultz attempted to address the delegation, Sanderistas booed her down, waving … read more

Daytime TV viewers are about to experience a whole new view yet again.
In case you missed the big news, Candace Cameron Bure returned to The View Thursday morning with a big announcement for audience members and viewers at home.
After less than two seasons, the Fuller House star is leaving the ABC daytime series.
“It wasn’t an easy decision. Before I started The View, I had already had my commitments to Fuller House and my work with the Hallmark Channel,” she explained. “Because of the success of … read more

In her oft-memed “2016 Resolutions” video, Kylie Jenner, while lolling about in sepia separates on a leather chaise alarmingly close to her fireplace, muses that “every year has a new energy.” “I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realizing stuff,” she says, pulling on her manicured fingers. “Everyone around me, we’re just realizing things.” As we approach the end of this vengeful epoch, I ask you: Hath truer words e’er been spoken? What has 2016 been, if not a year of realizing … read more

On Wednesday (Dec. 7, 2016), Time named President-elect Donald Trump 2016’s Person of the Year and people have, um, mixed feelings about it. While Trump technically meets the criteria for being the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the incredibly polarizing presidential election, we think there are a whole host of people who deserve more recognition than the perpetually orange businessman turned politician. So in no particular order, we’ve rounded up 20 people (and … read more

Tim Roth is a treasure. I used to be so obsessed with him as an actor, mostly because of my obsession with Quentin Tarantino’s films. Roth is one of Tarantino’s favorite actors, and those are probably Roth’s most famous roles (Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs, Pumpkin in Pulp Fiction, Oswaldo in The Hateful Eight), although Roth’s filmography is extensive. He’s been a working character actor for decades, and he’s pretty much capable of anything, although he’s often typecast as the bad … read more

Even though the 2016 presidential election is over, some celebrities are still reeling over the results. Case in point: the ongoing beef between Jill Stein endorser Susan Sarandon and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter Debra Messing.
Everything first started when Sarandon seemingly endorsed Trump back in March, telling MSNBC, “Well, you know, some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately. If he gets in, then things will really explode.”
Though the actress later clarified … read more

Delete Your Account is a weekly column that takes the hot air out of celebrities and their social media shenanigans. Every Friday, I will decide whether or not each perpetrator should delete their accounts and never grace the internet again. This week, I miss the old Kanye, Bernie Sanders is canceled, Ginuwine reveals what’s in those jeans, Jack Falahee comes out of the armoire, Simone Missick reads for filth, and I’ve finally broken up with Paul Ryan. Also: introducing our weekly segment, “This … read more

I thought he would win, until I didn’t anymore. Christmas, 2015. I was going to the grocery store in Redding, California, where my family was living at the time. The town is largely suburban, largely Republican, largely white, and has two Walmarts. It is not the romanticized bombed-out Appalachian horror movie people like to imagine when they imagine “Trump Country.” If you’re retired, it has a great view of the mountains. If you’re my age, the lumber business left a long time ago. Trump campaigned … read more

The saga continues! Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon are still feuding on Twitter over politics this week, and the back-and-forth has been going on since March. Messing, who was strongly supporting Hillary Clinton, and Sarandon, who was a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, have been butting heads since Messing, 48, called out Sarandon, 70, for suggesting in an interview that Donald Trump would make a better president than Clinton. (She later backtracked on the comment.) It heated up again when Messing … read more

At this point, I’m completely over Susan Sarandon. It’s not just a forced ambivalence, either. Now I actively hate her. Her words and actions over the course of this year have been nothing short of insane. She was a Bernie Sanders supporter at first, endorsing Bernie in the early months of his candidacy. When it became clearer that Bernie was not going to win the primary – and I still don’t know why that came as a shock to people? – Susan had several notable meltdowns. One of those meltdowns … read more

Donald Trump’s election was made possible, in part, because some people who voted for Obama voted for Trump. Yes, some of the people who voted for the first black president also voted for a candidate cheered on by white supremacists and neo-Nazis. The difficulty of fitting this fact into the layperson’s understanding of how racism works has contorted some analysts into strange positions — arguing that racism had been an incidental part of Trump’s appeal, or that the country is much more racist … read more

I still haven’t dealt with all of my feelings about Hillary Clinton. I’ve been so focused on the President-Elect and how sh-tty the next four years are going to be that I won’t let myself think about Hillary Clinton and what happened on her side of things. Did she make mistakes? Absolutely. Was she a flawed, imperfect candidate? Of course. Was I still proud to vote for her? Yes. And while she made some mistakes that helped her public undoing – like ignoring the need for more money and attention … read more

Bernie Sanders paid a visit to The Tonight Show to share his thoughts on the election now that Donald Trump is going to be living in the White House, and let’s just say the Vermont Senator didn’t mince his words. Sanders continued his attack on the real estate mogul’s racist and divisive campaign rhetoric while also advocating for a fundamental change in the Democratic Party.
“Please do not think that all of the people who voted for Donald Trump agree with his sentiments about women or … read more

Not giving up. Bernie Sanders urged people to stand up against President-elect Donald Trump during a Monday, November 14, appearance on The Late Show. The 75-year-old Vermont senator — who previously ran against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, but later endorsed her — shared his take on the former secretary of state’s shocking loss to Trump, 70, in this year’s election. “The [Democratic] party has got to transform itself to be a party which, first of all, opens … read more