The most notable names of 2014 come from famous figures in a variety of fields including entertainment, sports and the fine arts. Our picks for the 14 names most emblematic of the events of 2014 — along with their related runner-ups — are: Ansel, runner-up Ellar Young Ansel Elgort hit the daily double this year via leading roles as Caleb Prior in “Divergent” and Augustus (Gus) Waters in “The Fault in Our Stars.” His father being a photographer, it’s a no-brainer that his name was inspired by … read more

There’s a rumor going around that Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar are dating (!). Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reportedly want their oldest child (she’s 24) to properly court the NFL stud-turned-newsie. The 19 Kids and Counting stars are even said to have secretly met with mama Pam Tebow in secret to get the ball rolling closer to the goal. Of course, Tim, 27, has been romantically linked (falsely) to many a lovely lady by the media before, so we need to be cautious that news of this blessed union-in-the-making … read more

While the world is currently abuzz over sexual abuse allegations made against Bill Cosby, Tina Fey called out the comedian — twice — during her last two stints on TV. Cosby, 77, has been accused by multiple women of sexual abuse over the past few decades, but their claims have received increasing coverage in the past few months. Comedian Hannibal Buress’ standup routine, in which he called Cosby “a rapist,” is viewed as a leading factor in the media’s focus on the allegations, with several … read more

Before the most recent wave of sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby began to turn the tide of public opinion against the actor, “30 Rock” was on it. Crushable’s Jenni Maier stumbled upon this little-known fact when she was watching the 2009 episode “The Bubble” from the show’s third season. As a side plot of the episode, Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan) quits “TGS” (the fictional show on NBC that Jordan works on) and Jack Donaghy (played by Alec Baldwin) goes to great lengths to get … read more

I’m sure most of us won’t even be awake for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade because #thanksgivingeve, AMIRITE?? But, if you’re stuck with kitchen duty or are already marinating on the couch, let’s take a look at some of the best Thanksgiving balloons (according to arbitrary criteria determined by me) the year they debuted onto the parade scene. 27. Clifford the Big Red Dog (1990) Look, I realize that this is a controversial placement, but this is a ~style~ ranking, and even though colored … read more

On Sunday he was dicing with danger, suspended from an Airbus A400M at 5,000ft. The very next day, Tom Cruise was filming the action side of the Mission Impossible 5 scene as he fought his way across the four-engine military aircraft at RAF Wittering, Cambridgeshire. Thankfully for daredevil Tom, the plane wasn’t airborne but the 52-year-old looked like he was battling the same conditions as he filmed a sequence made to look like he was at high altitude. While the Top Gun actor may have been insistent … read more

Tom Cruise has made it his personal mission to make any thrilling action scene look possible, by doing it all himself. And in the fifth installment of Mission Impossible, the 52-year-old actor wasn’t going to let someone else step in when he went 5,000ft above the British countryside for his latest incredible movie stunt. The Hollywood actor surpassed himself when he put himself in grave danger, hanging from the side of an Airbus A400M in a full tailored suit in character as Ethan Hunt, while the … read more

Which of these doesn’t belong: Laurence Olivier. Peter O’Toole. John Gielgud. Lindsay Lohan. “Speed-the-Plow” officially opened at London’s Playhouse Theater on Thursday, where the onetime child star again tried to revive a career that’s long been secondary to her dramatic, destructive behavior in nightclubs and on reality shows. At one point on stage, Lohan’s character exclaimed, “I know what it is to be bad, I’ve been bad.” But Lohan wasn’t so much “bad” as she was just, … read more

Ireland Baldwin is defending Kendall Jenner after a major photoshop fail! In a Twitter rant Friday morning, Ireland went off on Famous magazine after seeing THIS awful cover. Ireland goes after the magazine, saying that they photoshopped “cottage cheese” on the back of Kendall’s thighs. Ireland goes on to compliment her friend and fellow model, telling the world that Kendall has “flawless legs.” Way to go Ireland! Read on to see all of Ireland’s tweets! Alec Baldwin’s 18-year-old daughter and … read more