ESC: Must Do Monday

Expertly groomed brows shaped to perfection are gorgeous, but the upkeep can be brutal.

Luckily, slightly unkempt, bushy brows (and natural makeup in general) are in this season. It’s time your worry less about precision and more about embracing your natural beauty. Not that you shouldn’t keep seeing a pro to keep your shape in check—you should be. But when it comes to at-home maintenance, less is more.

To keep it simple, aim for a feathered look and a fuller feel. The best part is the only product you’ll need to keep them in place is a good brow gel. “Mary Kay Brow Gel is better than most because it does not flake or get tacky or stiff. Also, the separation space between the bristles on the brush creates the perfect piece-y separation of hairs,” shared celeb brow artist Kristie Streicher (who happens to be known in Hollywood for her feathered brows). Streicher even admitted she has turned Kiernan Shipka and Sarah Paulson onto the $10 gel, so you know it’s got to be good.

When you’re applying the product, make certain to do short, upward strokes. It’ll give you that natural look you’re after and you won’t have to worry about your brows losing their shape throughout the day. Done and done!


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