While Lupita Nyong’o was nominated for a Tony Award for her work on Eclipsed, her turn on Broadway has not been entirely smooth sailing. Just before Eclipsed went to Broadway, sources insisted to the Daily Mail that Lupita was behaving like an unhinged diva behind-the-scenes. Sources claimed that Lupita thought she was better than her costars and she refused to socialize with them. There were claims that she’s an “ice cold untouchable diva,” etc. I shrugged off that story because it just seemed petty and untrue. Plus, if Lupita wasn’t enjoying her off-Broadway experience that much, why did she agree to an extended run of the play and the move to Broadway? Well, now Page Six claims that the play’s investors aren’t happy with Lupita’s attitude either.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o is upsetting ­investors, fans and producers of her Broadway show “Eclipsed.” Sources tell Page Six the actress has missed some shows and unofficially requested to have Wednesdays off.

“Wednesdays are her days off, but there was never an announcement, so fans are pissed when they come to the show and she’s not there,” said the insider, who adds that Nyong’o gives “exhaustion or ‘I have a sore toe’ ” as excuses for skipping work. Meanwhile, on one of her off days, the star was spotted hanging out with Misty Copeland, further angering investors. “They were banking on her fame and have not seen a return. The most disrespectful thing is taking off every Wednesday while being seen hanging out with Misty. If you’re too tired to work, stay in bed.”

Another source tells us Nyong’o “hasn’t hustled . . . Tony voters are coming to see her. Fans fly in to see her. This isn’t Hollywood, and she’s bringing her movie-star privilege to Broadway.”

A source close to Nyong’o told us she’s only contractually obligated to be in seven shows a week. “She’s maybe missed a show or two because she was sick and lost her voice, but she was never expected to appear in Wednesday-evening shows. And she’s done more to promote this play than other nominees. This is her passion project that she is dedicated to and proud of.”

Danai Gurira penned the tale about five African women surviving the Second Liberian Civil War. The show has earned six Tony nominations, including a Best Lead Actress nod for Nyong’o, but has earned around $300,000 a week out of a potential $800,000.

“They produced a show with a very difficult subject matter, so the box office may not be what they want it to be, but you can’t put that on Lupita. The amount of publicity she’s done, I don’t think she could’ve done more,” said another insider.

[From Page Six]

I don’t get it? Her contract is for seven shows a week and she does seven shows a week. Why are they putting it on Lupita if there was no announcement that Wednesday is her day off? And why does anyone care how she’s spending her day off? I really don’t understand the hostility of these sources. As for Lupita’s hustle, I can’t really speak to that. I think she met her media contractual obligations but not much more, mostly because Lupita sees the value in actually having some mystery. She’s not in our faces all the time, not even when she’s promoting one of her projects. Now, I do think there’s probably some finger-pointing going on with the finances. But the play – while well-reviewed – was always going to be a difficult sell because of the subject matter. And that’s not on Lupita either.

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