Alec Baldwin has a long and impressive career in dozens of lauded films like The Departed and Glengarry Glen Ross, but after 2016, it’s possible he’ll be remembered best for his hilariously scathing impersonation of President-elect Donald J. Trump on Saturday Night Live. However, his paycheck for the role is astoundingly small: just $1,400 per appearance.

Baldwin’s cut from the comedy show was revealed in a recent New York Times article exploring the impact of Baldwin’s character during the election and how the actor has cultivated his lovable take on the controversial politician.

“I see a guy who seems to pause and dig for the more precise and better language he wants to use, and never finds it,” Baldwin shared, explaining he has little interest in really understanding what makes Trump tick. “It’s the same dish — it’s a grilled-cheese sandwich rhetorically over and over again.”

Considering the popularity of his appearances and Trump’s win in November, it’s a good bet that viewers will be seeing a lot more of Baldwin’s smarmy alter ego in the years ahead. But there’s another argument for the impersonation’s fanfare: the possibility that Baldwin has helped humanize Trump and make him more likable with voters.

“I do recognize that that is a possibility,” Mr. Baldwin stated when discussing the prospect. “But I think that now that he is the president, we have an obligation — as we would if it was him or her — to dial it up as much as we can.”

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