This weekend, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is headed to theaters offering a new, dizzying adventure featuring Darth Vader and his nefarious Empire attempting to stop a small band of rebels with a covert mission to carry out. It’s got battles, stunning visuals and characters we’re betting you’ll be rooting for! Here’s the details on this new, highly anticipated flick.

Who’s in it? 

Felicity Jones plays the film’s heroine. The stellar supporting cast includes Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen and more.

What’s it about? 

Jyn Erso (Jones) is tasked with leading a team of rebels to steal the Death Star plans that prove so vital in Star Wars: A New Hope. The mission is dangerous but also deeply personal because Erso’s father was the unwilling designer of the Empire’s gigantic battle station.

Why should I care? 

Sure, this movie is particularly exciting if you’re familiar with this beloved universe. But this film also has the dazzling effects, lovable characters and emotional depth to keep the uninitiated invested.

Here’s what critics are saying:

“This spin-off/prequel has the same primitive, lived-in, emotional, loopy, let’s-put-on-a-show spirit that made us fall in love with the original trilogy.”

Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]

“Edwards has created the rare Star Wars property that can be appreciated as a film. And it is about as violent and downbeat as Star Wars gets on the big screen-more downbeat than The Empire Strikes Back, in fact.”

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky [AV Club]

Rogue One stands on its own, an entry that is at once part of the Star Wars franchise (obviously) but also separate – a tougher, grittier film.”

-Bill Goodykoontz [Arizona Republic]

“This is a whole new stable of characters operating on the fringes of the world we know by heart. When you think about it, that’s pretty exciting. And it opens up a world of cinematic possibilities moving forward.”

Chris Nashawaty [Entertainment Weekly]

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