For the second night in a row, protests have broken out across American cities. The protests are simply about the fact that the American people elected a fascist hate-monger to the presidency of the United States. While I’m fine with peaceful protesting – and most of the protests and demonstrations have been peaceful – in Portland last night, a violent riot broke out. While I’ve always believe MLK’s quote is true – “A riot is the language of the unheard” – I also think that Portlanders need to stop destroying their city just because they’re horrified with President-Elect Trump.

Oregon voted for Hillary Clinton, and there’s been a lot of talk that the West Coast states want to secede from the union, specifically California. The #Calexit thing almost seemed like a joke at first, but the anger and the general sense of unease is still permeating through the country. Something terrible is going to happen. We can all feel it. Just like some of us felt it ahead of the election, when James Comey released that letter to Congress. The feeling in the air is one of danger.

As for how the president-elect reacted to the protests… he tweeted:

“Professional protester, incited by the media” tells you all you need to know about Trump’s America and his view of this country and his fellow Americans. Incidentally, to the media: do your f—king jobs. The reason this man was elected was because too many of you bought into the false f—king equivalencies. Too many people treated his lunacy with a shrug. And stop trying to act like somehow, now that he’s president, he’s going to be “different.” We know who he is.


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