Why does every Donald Trump story keep coming back to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government?! Because this is getting a little concerning, to say the least…

According to NBC News, The Donald is reportedly set to choose Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State, and he will make the announcement official early next week.

Further, John Bolton is set to be the Deputy Secretary of State working alongside Tillerson, too.

Tillerson (pictured above) is a businessman, and he’s never served in public office and has no experience in government, but that’s not really even the main issue here: it’s his ties to Russia.

Back in 2011, Tillerson secured a deal with the Kremlin and Putin to access oil resources in the Arctic — and Exxon Mobil was set and preparing to drill for oil in sensitive areas and make a TON of money because of the close relationship between the pair.

Then, due to Russia’s aggression in the Crimea and Ukraine, Barack Obama and the U.S. government placed sanctions on Russia — and effectively blocked Tillerson’s ability to drill for oil in the country.

Tillerson went on record extremely angry about those sanctions, as to be expected, and against the “broad collateral damage” that resulted, according to the Daily Beast.

At issue now, of course, is Tillerson’s increasingly close relationship with Putin; considering ALL the other news that has come out regarding Russia’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the Presidency, this is, to say the least, extremely concerning.

And now this man is Trump’s pick for Secretary of State!

Trump’s Putin’s America.

Via perezhilton.com

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