Gwyneth Paltrow is a woman who knows what she likes to eat.

As the actress continues supporting her third cookbook titled It’s All Easy, fans are getting some honest confessions about what the proud mother of two thinks of some very familiar foods.

In the new Q&A posted on Goop’s website, Gwyneth is also quick to answer general food questions from friends and strangers alike. From how she handles food guilt to how strict she really is with her kids’ meals, the author is keeping it real and sharing what works for her and her family.

Grab a snack and take a look at the five best moments from her latest interview with fans.

1. Pizza Party: While some people experience food guilt after eating a not-so-healthy meal, Gwyneth tells fans that everyone deserves a meal that makes them happy—even if it’s not the healthiest choice. “I’ll tell you, when I have my pizza and wine, I enjoy it to the last crust,” she confessed. “Delicious food should be eaten with enjoyment. Balance is always important, but let’s face it, nothing is better than a good pizza.”

2. Apple’s Drink of Choice: When it comes to passing down her strict eating habits to her kids, the actress admits that it can be a little challenging. Although she tries to have limited temptations at her home, going out is a little trickier. “I try to have a pretty clean pantry at home, but if we pass a bag of Cheez-Its at the airport, or Apple sees Mexican Coke, it’s all over,” she shared.

3. Never Say Cheese: The editorial director of Goop joined the Q&A with quite the question: Would you still rather smoke crack than eat cheese out of a can? Are we ready for Gwyneth’s response? “Hell yes,” she replied. “You know, crack might be extreme, but spray cheese is not my kind of party.” Definitely noted!

4. Breakfast of Champions: Forget about pancakes, French toast and all the other morning staples you can think of. When the sun rises, Gwyneth just wants some delicious drinks. “I’m not a big breakfast person. I start my day with coffee and can’t really stomach food until after exercise,” she shared. “About 10 ‘o’clock, I have a nutrient-dense smoothie that costs nowhere near $200.”

5. What’s Your Flavor: Back when Gwyneth was pregnant and expecting her daughter, her eating lifestyles changed over a period of months. What started as a gluten-free diet turned to dairy-free that then transformed to sugar-free. What did she ultimately end up with? “[I was] only being able to stomach grilled Swiss cheese sandwiches, french fries, and Baskin-Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge,” she shared. Sounds good to us.


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