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Alison Sweeney, former Days of Our Lives actress and The Biggest Loser host lives a fit lifestyle and dedicates her time to her family.

For the holiday season, Sweeney will be making her kids proud as the host of Kids Sweets Showdown on the Food Network. Sweeney’s Instagram page is full of pictures of healthy meals, fitness inspiration, and her adorable family.

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Since Sweeney is a cheerleader for her fans and her family, we asked her to give us some advice on how to conquer this holiday season. From her stocking stuffer suggestions to her tips on staying fit while traveling during the holidays, read below what the Kids Sweets Showdown host had to say about the season of giving!

Celebuzz: You’re going to be judging this week’s episode of Kids Sweets Showdown on the Food Network. What are you looking forward to most during this episode?

Alison Sweeney: Thankfully I don’t have to judge since I’m hosting the showdown that started this week and will continue to play out in the next two weeks. In each episode, I think you’ll be impressed with the quality of dishes these kids create.

CB: Your children must be so excited to watch you judge Kids Sweets Showdown! Do you do any baking at home with the kids?

AS: My kids love that I bring samples home for them to try and being a part of the show has inspired me to have them help me more in the kitchen. They’re great sous chefs and having them help me in the kitchen has been great to teach them what goes into preparing our family meals.

CB: Since you’re getting really involved in the holiday spirit, do you have any special traditions at home with the family that you take part in during the holidays?

AS: The holidays are about time together and definitely decorating the house. Our house already is filled with the holiday spirit!

CB: As far as gift-giving goes, what are some good stocking stuffers we can get for our family members?

AS: The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush makes for a great stocking stuffer! I love giving gifts that promote a healthy lifestyle and my kids always enjoy having a new Spinbrush in their stockings. They have different characters and fun designs that are perfect for the whole family.

CB: We’re in the height of the holiday season, which means food galore! Do you have any advice for people trying to stay healthy this winter?

AS: Think of the holidays as time to be with family and friends, not about the food. By focusing on activities to do together that are physical, and planning ahead by not showing up to parties starving, you’ll set yourself up to have a great season without consuming unnecessary calories!

CB: Just by looking at your Instagram, it seems like you and your family are always on the go. What is your favorite quick dinner recipe?

AS: Kabobs are so easy – we combine vegetables with protein, throw it on the grill and have a great meal in minutes!

CB: Many of us will be traveling to see family members this season. How can we fit in a quick workout without making it to the gym?

AS: There are great streaming services that you can use on the go to get your workout in regardless of where you are. Also, if weather permits, put on your running shoes and explore a new neighborhood with a long walk or run.

CB: Who is your fitspiration, if you have one?

AS: My kids are my fitspiration. Being with them and wanting to be strong for them inspires me to consistently work out.

CB: With 2017 quickly approaching, do you have any resolutions that you’d like to share?

AS: I’m not a big fan of resolutions, instead I focus on doing the best job I can each and every day in everything that I do.

CB: We can’t wait to see you host Kids Sweets Showdown! Do you have any final tips for the contestants?

The contestants are incredible and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with them too!

Tune into Kids Sweets Showdown on the Food Network on Wednesday nights 8/7 CST. 

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