Just a week after Michael Bublé announced he would be taking time off due to focus on his son’s battle with cancer, it’s been revealed that the singer’s three-year-old, Noah, has started undergoing chemotherapy.
The Canadian crooner’s sister-in-law, Daniela Lopilato, confirmed to an Argentinian magazine that Noah has started seeking treatment for live cancer. She added that the family found out about the cancer diagnosis on Nov. 1 following a liver biopsy.
“Cancer is a horrible disease, … read more

Doesn’t it feel like this year, we’ve really traveled back in time? The 1990s have come back in a big way in fashion and politics, and gossip has been going through the Way Back Machine too, like we’re stuck in 2005 and it’s all about Brangelina and Perez Hilton. Like, when was the last time Perez Hilton was really relevant to gossip? I’m not throwing shade on Perez, honestly – he changed the way celebrity gossip is accessed and disseminated and props to him. But at this point, in 2016, … read more

Earlier this week, Melissa Etheridge appeared on Andy Cohen’s radio show and Cohen, being a gossipy bitch, asked Melissa for her thoughts on the Brangelina Split. Melissa is a well-known Team Aniston person, and Melissa also has a history of saying derogatory things about Angelina Jolie. Melissa didn’t let Cohen down – she had many thoughts, like how Angelina’s claim that Brad Pitt struck Maddox was “completely unfounded” and that Angelina was “purposefully” trying to be “mean” … read more

Melissa Etheridge revealed what happened after she commented on the split between her old friend, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, in which Etheridge sort of slams Jolie for how she’s handling the divorce. Earlier this week, Etheridge told Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM radio show that she knows firsthand how rough divorce can be, especially when there are children involved, and she didn’t like how Jolie was handing it so publicly.
“It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal … read more

So meta! Melissa Etheridge revealed on Wednesday, October 5, that Angelina Jolie’s team reached out to her after she commented on the Oscar winner’s divorce from Brad Pitt — so she wrote a song about it.
The Grammy winner, who used to be friends with the Moneyball star, sang the song on Watch What Happens Live about being contacted by Jolie’s team — which is being led by crisis manager, Judy Smith, a “fixer” who was the inspiration for Kerry Washington’s Scandal character — with what she described … read more

Melissa Etheridge has some thoughts about the Brangelina Split. Let me refresh your memory: Melissa was once very close to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when they were dating, engaged and married. When Jennifer and Brad divorced, Melissa sided with Jennifer and basically never looked back. Melissa has said some interesting/negative sh-t about Angelina in the past, like how Angelina Jolie was “not brave” for undergoing a preventative double mastectomy… which Angelina never described as brave, … read more

#TeamBrad just got its first official member!
On Monday, Melissa Etheridge came to Brad Pitt’s defense amid the claims he was abusive with his children. During a candid chat with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show, the Come To My Window singer revealed she was “heartbroken” for her close pal and SLAMMED the troubling allegations made against the A-lister as “completely unfounded”. The 55-year-old stated: As you surely know, Etheridge has been close with Brad for years as she even performed at … read more

Melissa Etheridge is throwing her support for Brad Pitt amid the actor’s divorce with Angelina Jolie. As a longtime friend of Pitt’s who performed at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston, the singer has some not-so-nice things to say about Jolie — particularly about the way the actress has been handling the custody battle of her six children with her estranged husband.
“It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal as your marriage and your relationship and your rights to your … read more

It seems Melissa Etheridge would walk across a fire for Brad Pitt.
After all, she once considered asking the Oscar winner to be a sperm donor for her future children and even performed at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston. However, while the rock singer and actor once shared a close friendship, according to an interview she gave on Andy Cohen Live Tuesday, it sounds like Pitt lost touch with his pals after his romance with Angelina Jolie blossomed. “I really hope that he reaches back out because there … read more

Ever since news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce broke, it seems everyone in Hollywood has an opinion. The latest to join Chelsea Handler, Justin Theroux, and Marion Cotillard in speaking out is Melissa Etheridge, who was friends with Brad for years and even sang at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston before the couple called it quits. The “Come to My Window” singer, who endured her own tumultuous divorce and custody battle with ex-wife Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2010, sat down with Andy Cohen … read more

Well there’s no mistaking which team Melissa Etheridge is on! The singer didn’t mince her words when she opened up about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s bitter divorce battle in an interview on Monday, October 3.
Speaking to Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM radio show the 55-year-old musician said she was “heartbroken” for Pitt and called the accusations that he verbally and physically assaulted his kids, “completely unfounded”. “It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal … read more

Khloé Kardashian just dropped a bombshell on us all: She was previously diagnosed with skin cancer.
In a new post shared on her app, the 32-year-old revealed that the doctors once found a cancerous mole on her back. Though she since got it removed, Kardashian shared that the diagnosis definitely made her realize the importance of protecting your skin from the sun.
“There was one mole I had on my back that was skin cancer. I had 8 inches of skin removed,” she remembered. “It was definitely … read more

Shannen Doherty made the decision to share her fight against breast cancer with the world, and although her health is uncertain, her spirit remains as strong and determined as ever.
Last week, Doherty revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that her diagnosis was grim, as she explained that her breast cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and during one of her surgeries doctors discovered that some of the cancer cells may have migrated out of the lymph nodes, “So for that reason, … read more

In light of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando and the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, many singers have been using their music to voice support and call for change in this time of tragedy. Artists like Jay Z and Miguel have released solo tracks dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement, serving as new anthems that protest acts of police brutality against blacks in America. Other artists, like Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda, have collaborated to honor the victims … read more

I first heard the news from my friend Stephanie, tucked into a corner table at a diner in Columbus, Ohio, around the middle of last week. Stephanie is one of my most vital friends, the one who has a working knowledge of what mostly forgotten rap and R&B musicians from the years 1996 through 2006 are doing now. If Jagged Edge is playing a bowling alley, or if there is a LSG reunion, she knows well before I do. Even so, when she matter-of-factly told me, “Yeah, Nelly is playing with the Columbus … read more