Muhammad Ali‘s only biological son is cut off from the late boxing champ’s $80 million fortune — but sources tell he will cash in anyway by writing a tell-all exposing his scheming stepmother!
Muhammad Ali Jr., 42, has largely been on the outside looking in on his father’s life ever since his father married fourth wife Lonnie in 1986. When he was allowed to have a final deathbed visit with his father before the champ passed away on June 3, it marked the first time he had … read more

Bill Clinton is hiding a startling secret that could cost his wife the election: He had a cocaine-snorting, bank-robbing stepsister who was sentenced to 45 years in prison after being convicted of drug dealing and two armed robberies!
Bill’s brother Roger has been making the headlines for his reckless behavior, but has learned the Clinton clan has another black sheep, who could threaten Hillary‘s White House hopes.
Dianne Welch served more than six years in a maximum-security … read more

Donald Trump started his 70th birthday today with bad news: According to new reports, Russian government hackers have infiltrated the Democratic National Convention’s servers, and have accessed a database full of opposition research on the presumptive GOP nominee.
Though no financial or personal information was stolen, the hackers compromised the DNC system enough that they were able to obtain email and chat traffic and maintained access for approximately one year. U.S. officials said that the … read more

A yacht is no place for romance (or, at least, not when you’re a crew member), but the cast of Below Deck Med is intent on learning this the hard way. Romantic tension has been simmering for some time, but tonight, we finally got the dramatic payoff we’ve been waiting for all season. More: Bryan Kattenburg’s treatment of Jen Riservato on Below Deck is unacceptable Hannah Ferrier and Ben Robinson have suffered a bit of romantic drama and so have Tiffany Copeland and Bryan Kattenburg, but tonight, … read more

Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell has, by his own admission, written the same song five separate times now. Well, actually, maybe only three times: “Weed Party” in 2006, “Laredo” in 2010, and “Casual Party” in 2016. They all represent what has come to be the group’s core sound — plaintive lyrics and prolonged vowel sounds (“sociopyaaaath,” “Loryeeenzo”) delivered over stretched guitar chords and a mid-tempo rock beat. “I do not notice when I’m writing the same song over … read more

It’s hard to deny that gun violence and shootings seem to be increasing in frequency — especially after the shootings in San Bernadino and the recent attack in Orlando.
Sadly, Chicago, IL knows this violence all too well as they aren’t particularly known for having the safest neighborhoods. To make matters worse, the city had quite the tragic weekend after several people died due to gun violence.
From the span of last Friday night to early Monday morning, several people were killed across the … read more

Anthony Kiedis feels “encumbered” when he wears clothes.
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman is famous for stripping off on stage, and is perhaps more recognisable shirtless than fully clothed. And during the group’s appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke on Monday night (June 13), Anthony admitted he feels a lot more comfortable without them.
“It seems normal, it seems natural,” Anthony told James of his desire to disrobe. “I feel a bit encumbered!”
The 53-year-old then said he felt James … read more

I don’t think anyone watches any of the Real Housewife shows to get parenting tips, and if you ever thought any of those ladies would make good maternal role models, you might want to think again. Former Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak recently posted a video to Snapchat of her 14-year-old daughter, Ariana, wearing the family dog’s shock collar. What? Why?
Apparently, Ariana offered to wear – and get zapped by – an electronic dog collar in exchange for being able to go out with her … read more

Last week, Justin Bieber made the unwise decision to enter into a street fight with Cleveland resident Lamont Richmond. Fighting on its own is generally not a good idea but to throw a punch at someone who towers over you is ill-advised at best. Now that more information is coming out about the incident, Bieber’s actions are becoming even more suspect. According to Lamont, the whole thing started over a request for an autograph and Bieber mouthing off before throwing a punch. To add insult to injury, … read more

Duchess Kate is wearing red heels! No wedges of doom. No nude pumps. No beige stilettos. She’s wearing honest-to-God red heels! And they’re good, aren’t they? I also have to say, I’ve always had a great deal of affection for Kate in red. She wears a lot of blue, probably because she A) thinks blue is her signature color and B) wants everything to match Big Blue, her sapphire engagement ring. But red looks amazing on her and she wears it too infrequently. These photos are … read more

Amber Rose has a new talk show! The Amber Rose Show is a weekly, not daily, talk show on VH1 and it debuts on July 8th at 11 pm. Considering the late-night scheduling and the fact that her show is on cable, I’m guessing that it will be pretty dirty and funny. It will also be sex-positive, at least that’s Amber’s goal. Amber chatted with the NYDN about her show and of course she had to throw a little bit of shade on Kim Kardashian and her family. Even though Amber and Kim have met up and sipped … read more

Johnny Depp has been “recuperating on his private island” for about a week now. The Hollywood Vampires’ European tour was over last week, and Depp flew to the private island he bought, years ago, for himself and his family. A source told People Magazine that: “Johnny is doing okay. He likes retreating to his private island whenever he can. He hasn’t been there for a while, and really seems happy being there now… He wants to see his kids, but otherwise he isn’t looking forward to returning … read more

As most of you unfortunately know by now, a man whose name I will not dignify by writing walked into the Orlando nightclub Pulse early Sunday morning and committed a heinous act, the worst mass shooting in US history. Among those for whom this hit far too close to home was actor and DJ Ruby Rose. Ruby is a strong voice and advocate for the LGBTQ community and had just recently done a gig at Pulse. Ruby Rose has shared an emotional social media post after the horrific Orlando mass shooting, revealing … read more Joel McHale has that sitcom coming up this fall on CBS, The Great Indoors, which I hope does well for him. It doesn’t look promising from the preview, but I’ll watch a couple of episodes and give it a chance. McHale was also a guest host on Live with Kelly last week, where he was so funny and sarcastic. At one point he riled … read more

I’m pretty sure this Tom Hiddleston & Aaron Paul interview happened months ago, because I remember the Hiddles-fan sites getting photos a while back. This probably happened during Tom’s magical two-month press blitz in America. Tom and Aaron interviewed each other for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, which is Variety and PBS’s version of the actor-roundtable. I’ve already covered the Lady Gaga-Jamie Lee Curtis interview and the Kerry Washington-Aziz Ansari interview. Variety organized … read more