Make sure your New Year’s Eve party is the rave of the year with these decorations below!
If you are throwing a New Year’s Eve party, you have to go all out. It is the start of a new year that is well known for being glamorous and festive. Sparkle, shimmer and shine are the main focus of this holiday and hopefully of your home or party space this year. Take a look at these decorations that will have your friends and family talking about your party well into the new year.
Glasses Drinking is … read more

Accessorize your way into the new year with these items below!
If you would rather participate in the glitz and glamour that comes with celebrating New Year’s Eve through your accessories rather than your clothes, here are some options for you. Accessories are great additions to your outfit when your outfit is simple and plain. Jewelry, scarves, bags and more are the extra pieces that will help your outfit be ready for any New Year’s Eve celebration.
Jewelry The first thing you think of when … read more

Bring in the New Year with style with these outfit ideas below!
New Year’s Eve is definitely one of the most exciting holidays. This holiday brings in a new start, a brand new year filled with hope and happiness (after 2016, we really need it). Everyone is happy, excited and full of energy during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It is a very extravagant holiday, people watch fireworks, dress up in glitter, sparkles and jewels and throw confetti. If you celebrate this day by going out partying, … read more

Planning to entertain loved ones, friends or coworkers this holiday season, and don’t know where to start? Well, Say Yes to the Dress’ Randy Fenoli tells Us Weekly, his tips for throwing a great soiree! Make your party the highlight of 2016 by following these simple tricks.
Tip No. 1: Create a Timeline! “I usually do a time line. I’m very organized because I like to enjoy the holidays. You know, 12:10 p.m.: Preheat oven. 12:20 p.m.: Do this. I set my alarm clock for around 10 minutes or … read more

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Air is the new oil, and now with the Philips Airfryer, you can fry more healthfully with up to 75% less fat.
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Here are some of the news stories that you may have missed today, featuring Amber Heard, Mariah Carey, Zac Efron and more.
Amber Heard is speaking out about domestic violence in a letter describing the pain victims go through, and in the process … she might be walking a thin line with Johnny Depp’s lawyers. [TMZ]
So, Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey are teaming up for a tour. [Lainey Gossip]
The Black List 2016 list of exceptional unproduced screenplays has been announced, and includes a Madonna … read more

Have you been preparing to welcome what’s bound to be one of the cutest babies in Hollywood?
Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are expecting their first child together, and we’re so excited to meet the little bundle of joy. However, we still have a bit of time to get ready.
An insider tells E! News the couple isn’t expecting the baby until summer, sometime around May.
“Irina is feeling wonderful. She is so happy,” the source explained. “Bradley and her can’t wait for their baby to arrive in the summer. … read more

Longtime friends Justin Bieber and Madison Beer were getting their steps in on Monday (Dec. 12, 2016) when they took a hike in Los Angeles.
Clad in a jersey with his name on it, Bieber was spotted taking a jog with Beer, who was wearing a black sports bra and workout leggings, in the Hollywood Hills. The duo were joined by another friend as the climbed a top of a rocky slope before racing back down to their car.
Though Bieber, 22, and Beer, 17, have been close for years, the two maintain that their … read more

Tim Roth is a treasure. I used to be so obsessed with him as an actor, mostly because of my obsession with Quentin Tarantino’s films. Roth is one of Tarantino’s favorite actors, and those are probably Roth’s most famous roles (Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs, Pumpkin in Pulp Fiction, Oswaldo in The Hateful Eight), although Roth’s filmography is extensive. He’s been a working character actor for decades, and he’s pretty much capable of anything, although he’s often typecast as the bad … read more

Hear ye, hear ye. Gather round, fair maidens, for this is the tale of royal hats past. Royal watchers and royal novices alike can pinpoint the slightly odd fact that the Royal family is simply fascinated with fascinators. Make that toppers of all kinds—ascots! Bowlers! Chapeaus! Trilbies! Berets! It’s become almost shocking to see British royalty with a bare head (the horror!).
This being the Royal family, it’s a tradition as old as time. (That is, of course, because nothing the Royals do is new … read more

Caitlyn Jenner revealed her upcoming memoir will be titled “The Secrets of My Life” and will be available on April 25, 2017. The I Am Cait star, who revealed back in January 2016 that she was writing a memoir, announced her book’s official release date and title on Monday (Nov. 28, 2016). The memoir, which will be written in collaboration with Buzz Bissinger, will share her journey toward womanhood.
It will cover Jenner’s childhood, her career as an Olympic star, as well as details from … read more

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This is one woman’s harrowing tale of coming face-to-face with millet and living to talk about it. The assignment is simple in its direction—”Eat like Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchenfor a day”—but resoundingly complex in its execution. For Tom and Gisele are no normal consumers of food. Their bodies are temples (this the rest of us can see with but one cursory glance) and they treat them as such. No single ingredient in their daily diet even slightly resembles something I would willingly put … read more

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