New Year’s Eve is just a couple days away, and while we’re sure you’ve already picked out a gorgeous ensemble, the perfect heels and all your matching accessories, we want to make sure you pack all the right things, too.
It’s essential that you prepare your bag with all the necessities to ensure a smooth celebration no matter what obstacles life might throw your way (after all, it’ll be 2016—aka the worst year ever—until midnight). Ate a shrimp cocktail right before the ball dropped? We got … read more

Last week, we “ruined” your Disney Channel childhood, so now it’s time to destroy Nickelodeon for you, too. Several of these theories involve murder, mayhem, and confusion — which is just what you want in a theory, no?
Get ready to hug your brotha and drop your jaw, because here are 8 bizarre Nickelodeon theories coming ‘atcha. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

Halloween is upon us once again, and that means regretting our costume choices after seeing how awesome celebrities’ costumes turned out. Former Disney and Nickelodeon actors and actresses from your childhood owned Halloween 2016 — well, most of them — and we’re already jotting down ideas for our costumes next year.
The makeup game this year deserves an A+, especially All That’s Josh Server. Before you go trick-or-treating or binge-watching all of the Scream films, check out Server and 22 other … read more

Wednesday night’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke was definitely one for the books. Besides breaking the fourth wall and including a disturbing sex scene between Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lady Gaga, audiences met Cricket the psychic, played by Leslie Jordan (who also portrayed warlock Quentin Fleming on Coven).
The internet instantly fell in love with Cricket’s eccentric personality, which included speaking in the third person and being sassy AF. Several fans admitted he is their new favorite … read more

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide might’ve had an entire episode devoted to dodgeball, but the cast was actually “banned” from playing it on set after one game became a teensy bit too savage. Devon Werkheiser, who played Ned Bigby on the middle school saga, stopped by The Brett Davern Show podcast earlier this month to chat about Burning Man, his new album, Prologue, Devon’s Life Survival Guide, and — of course — the hit Nickelodeon show. When asked to tell any “weird, behind-the-stories” … read more

Often, we become so invested in an actor’s most recognizable role, we forget the many other characters he or she might might have played over the years. For example, most ’90s kids associate Erik von Detten with the DCOM Brink!, but he also starred in the Toy Story franchise as the voice of Andy’s demented neighbor, Sid (not to mention the Leave It to Beaver remake mentioned below).
Check out these 18 Disney stars’ roles in various films and see which ones you remember.

Twelve years ago, Hunter Gomez landed the role of Young Ben Gates, the kid version of Nicolas Cage’s character in National Treasure. In the film’s opening scene, Gomez listens his grandfather’s (Christopher Plummer) stories about the Knight’s Templar, Free Masons, George Washington, and one ginormous hidden treasure. Though his scene is short, it’s crucial to the plot of the film. He went from this kid… …to this total babe. After National Treasure, Gomez guest-starred on Ned’s Declassified … read more

Just because a celeb grew up as a Disney star doesn’t mean he or she never originally appeared on rival networks before becoming a household name.
Before cementing their fame on a Disney show or DCOM, these 11 celebs had guest-starring or recurring roles on a plethora of classic Nickelodeon shows. See if you recognize any familiar faces. Ashley Tisdale Before starring on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and in the High School Musical films, Tisdale guest-starred on The Amanda Show. She played Daphne, … read more

We’ve rounded up some of the best stories of the day featuring news items on Ellie Kemper, Justin Bieber, Matthew McConaughey and more.
Ellie Kemper is pregnant and expecting her first child with her husband, Michael Koman, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. [Us Weekly]
Post Malone put his hands around Justin Bieber’s throat and choked him in front of a club full of people, but there was no bad blood … as some reports suggest. [TMZ]
Matthew McConaughey’s doppelgänger is someone’s great-great-grandfather. … read more

How prepared are you for Coachella?
Before you hit the festival grounds this weekend, make sure you have all your essentials packed up and ready to go. After all, flower crowns can’t prevent sunburns!
As Coachella veterans who’ve done everything from party-hopping to car camping, we know exactly music festival goers rely on to get them through the three-day extravaganza. You may think you’re well on your way to Indio, but there are probably a few things you didn’t think of that are actually … read more

Gwyneth Paltrow is a woman who knows what she likes to eat.
As the actress continues supporting her third cookbook titled It’s All Easy, fans are getting some honest confessions about what the proud mother of two thinks of some very familiar foods.
In the new Q&A posted on Goop’s website, Gwyneth is also quick to answer general food questions from friends and strangers alike. From how she handles food guilt to how strict she really is with her kids’ meals, the author is keeping it real and sharing … read more

mtv founders contributor I grew up glued to the television. Thanks to obsessively watching Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, High School Musical, and Daria, I had some pretty high expectations for high school. I went in thinking that students could take whatever classes they wanted, meet many new people, and go to big school dances. I quickly found out that this wasn’t exactly the case.
My school is located in Guy, Arkansas — a town with a whopping total population of around 700. The … read more

If you were to humanize Myspace in today’s Internet age, its personality would best be described as that of Coconut Head (Rob Pinkston) from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. In Myspace’s heyday, it’d probably be seen as either Suzie Crabgrass (Christian Serratos) or Seth Powers (Alex Black), because it was where all the popular kids flocked and was the place to be.
But looking at Myspace in 2016 elicits a completely different response. Now, it’s more like Myspace is the quirky, … read more

Devon Werkheiser, formerly Ned Bigby from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” is a super busy dude. From his weekly web series “Devon’s Life Survival Guide,” to working on new music, to acting in new films — like the upcoming Sundown — it’s amazing he has time for another project.
Now, the 25-year-old is the host of Dance-Off Juniors, a new competition that’ll begin streaming April 20 on Verizon’s go90 app.
Each week, three kid dancers will compete for a $5,000 cash prize. … read more

From E! News to girls’ nights in, if there’s anyone who knows how to be the hostess with the mostess it’s Maria Menounos!
Maria’s just released the third book in her hit EveryGirl series, this time focusing on becoming a pro in the kitchen.
The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking features a collection of 150 mouth-watering recipes for, you guessed it, every girl to try as well as a few of Maria’s favorite tips on how to host the perfect get-together.
The New York Times bestselling author spills on 4 key … read more