Prince Harry was the “good son” this year. He did the full royal Christmas at Sandringham, including a church stroll and spending time with his extended family. Harry is especially close to his cousin Zara Tindall, and I suspect he probably spent a lot of time trying to cheer her up. Plus, Harry actually gets along with his dad, and I’m sure Charles enjoyed having Harry there. Harry also participated in the annual pheasant hunt on the day after Christmas, which is organized by his grandfather. … read more

An annual tradition around the end of every year is the release of the royal family’s “numbers,” the number of work engagements they managed to do over the course of the year. Since 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s numbers have been rather sad, which have caused many royal apologists to claim that Will and Kate are having babies and they need to spend time as a young family, etc. Personally, covering Will and Kate as I do day after day, week after week, year after year, I find it … read more

By Michaelangelo Matos
Few pop stars so transparently wanted to be liked as George Michael. Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in London in 1963, he grew up in the suburb of Bushey and began dreaming of pop stardom at age 7. “It’s not the something extra that makes a star — it’s the something that’s missing,” Michael said in a 1989 MTV Rockumentary. “You know, it’s an old story now, but it’s true: I was fat, I was very unattractive [as an] adolescent — glasses, spots [laughs], … read more

The royal family made their annual pilgrimage to Sandringham for the Christmas holiday, as always. But this year did feel very different. For one thing, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and their two children were not there – they decided to spend the holiday with Kate’s family. The holiday also felt different because the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Christmas plans changed at the last minute because they were both battling really bad colds. If their colds were anything like the … read more

Too sweet! Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, upped the cute quotient as sucked on candy canes after church on Christmas Day.
The adorable twosome and their parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate, attended a morning service with the Middleton family at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire, near the Middleton family home in the village of Bucklebury, on Sunday, December 25. It’s the same church where Pippa Middleton and her fiancé, James Matthews, are set to wed in May next … read more

It’s Christmastime for the royal family!
Kate Middleton and Prince William brought along both of their kids—Prince George and Princess Charlotte—when they attended their annual holiday church service in the duchess’ hometown of Bucklebury this morning.
But it was the little prince who seemed to catch everyone’s attention as he was seen enjoying a candy cane treat while making the trek to and from St. Mark’s church. The toddler smiled at fellow churchgoers while his little sister was carried … read more

Zara Tindall, Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, has suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her and husband Mike Tindall’s second baby, a spokesperson for the couple said Saturday, Christmas Eve.
The two had announced her pregnancy three weeks ago, saying they were set to welcome their new child in the spring. The baby was to be the queen’s sixth great-grandchild.
“Very sadly, Zara and Mike Tindall have lost their baby,” the couple’s spokesperson said in a statement. “At this difficult time, … read more

If anyone knows how to do a traditional Christmas, it’s the British royals. From fabulous meals to a weekend at Grandma’s house that rivals no other, they’ve got this Santa thing in the bag. Each year, just before she departs to spend her holidays at Sandringham, Queen Elizabeth throws a posh Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace for her extended family. All the cousins and great-grandchildren are there to enjoy a festive meal before going their own ways for the big day. Of course, the most we commoners … read more

By my count, the Duchess of Cambridge has only met Denmark’s Princess Mary a handful of times over the years. The Daily Mail and other British outlets always associate Mary and Kate though, perhaps because they are both “commoner” women who married into royal families, both are brunette, and they have similar-ish style. Personally, I think Mary (who is Australian) is more stylish than Kate, and I think Mary works harder and shows a genuine interest in her charitable work. But other outlets … read more

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are on the move. While the monarchs were set to leave for their private Sandringham Estate on Wednesday for Christmas, Buckingham Palace announced the couple had “heavy colds” and were postponing their trip. A day later, a royal spokesman confirmed the pair indeed left Buckingham Palace and were on their way to Norfolk, England. It seems not even a runny nose will stop England’s matriarch from getting into the Christmas spirit. While it seems the holiday festivities … read more

Priceless memories. Newly unearthed handwritten letters exchanged between Princess Diana and former Buckingham Palace steward Cyril Dickman reveal some rather touching and intimate moments in her sons Prince William and Prince Harry’s childhoods. Cyril’s grandson, Matthew Dickman, recently discovered the letters and decided to put them up for auction, Cheffins spokeswoman Lisa Freeman-Bassett told Cambridge News on Thursday, December 22. “Cyril, who died in 2012, was head steward at Buckingham … read more

Princess Diana’s private letters are hitting the auction block.
The late princess’ notes of correspondence with Buckingham Palace Steward Cyril Dickman are valued at £15,000 and will be auctioned off in Cambridge on Jan. 5, 2017. Other items hitting the auction block include signed Christmas cards from Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, as well as pieces of cake from their weddings and never-before-seen pictures.
Cheffins spokeswoman Lisa Freeman-Bassett told Cambridge News Thursday … read more

When you’re the queen of England, you can do anything you want, even it means delaying Christmas. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip usually travel to their Sandringham country estate to celebrate the holidays, but they decided to push back their trip since both have come down with “heavy colds,” according to Buckingham Palace. Amid concerns for the royals’ health, it was revealed on Wednesday that the queen will be stepping down from 25 patronages this year, which includes the responsibility … read more

Prince Harry is still dealing with the loss of his mother almost 20 years after Princess Diana’s tragic death.
In a new ITV documentary, Prince Harry in Africa, the 32-year-old opened up about losing his mom when he was just 12. Having spent his young adulthood without her, Harry admitted he “buried” his feelings over the 1997 car accident in Paris that took Diana’s life at a young age.
“I’d never really dealt with what had actually happened, so there was a lot of buried emotion and, … read more

It’s never easy coping with a loss.
Prince Harry learned that first hand following the untimely death of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997. As you may recall, Prince Charles’ ex wife died in Paris due to a fatal car crash when Meghan Markle’s beau was only 12-years-old. How sad!
So it’s no wonder it took many years for the regal activist to come to terms with losing his mother. In a new documentary, named Prince Harry in Africa, the royal ginger revealed that throughout most of his childhood he … read more