One of her many talents. Carrie Fisher spoke in near-fluent French while promoting the first Star Wars movie in a 1977 interview. The actress, who died on Tuesday at the age of 60 in Los Angeles after suffering a medical emergency onboard a flight from London to LAX on Friday, December 23, discusses the sci-fi hit with French journalists in the recently resurfaced clip. As her costar Harrison Ford sat beside her smoking a cigarette, the actress, who was just out of her teens, said she hoped Star … read more

Like many Hollywood stars, Steve Martin took to social media this week to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher, who passed away Tuesday after suffering a massive heart attack at the age of 60. However, unlike his contemporaries, his tribute was not welcomed by fans.
The comedian receive backlash for writing in a now-deleted tweet, “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”
Some Twitter users were quick to label … read more

Carrie Fisher’s ex-husband, Paul Simon, has broken his silence following her death at age 60 on Tuesday, December 27. “Yesterday was a horrible day,” the former Simon & Garfunkel musician, 75, tweeted Wednesday, December 28. “Carrie was a special, wonderful girl. It’s too soon.” Simon and Fisher were married for one year from 1983 to 1984. After their divorce, however, they dated on and off for almost a decade. Back in 2012, the Star Wars actress called Simon one of the loves of her life. “He’s … read more

Paul Simon says ex-wife Carrie Fisher “was a special, wonderful girl” and that her death came “too soon.”
The 60-year-old actress, best known for her role as Leia in the Star Wars movies, had last week suffered a cardiac event aboard a plane en route to Los Angeles and was hospitalized. Her daughter and only child Billie Lourd’s rep announced on Tuesday the actress had died.
“Yesterday was a horrible day,” Paul, who was her only husband, wrote on Twitter Wednesday. Carrie was a special, wonderful … read more

Paul Simon isn’t taking the news of Carrie Fisher’s death well. The musician, who was briefly married to Fisher in the 1980s, expressed his condolences in a tweet early Wednesday morning. The beloved actress and author died Tuesday following her hospitalization last week. She was 60.
Fisher and Simon met while Fisher was filming the first “Star Wars” movie, which debuted in 1977. “Once they saw each other, no one else mattered to either of them,” Peter Ames Carlin wrote in this year’s … read more

There are so few true icons.
“Iconic” is a word that gets thrown around haphazardly, having become interchangeable with any word that connotes fame and losing its primary definition as something inspiring unflagging, uncritical devotion.
Yet Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia fits the bill.
When every other movie and TV show these days is a spin-off, a reboot, a remake, the mass-entertainment moments that resonate as singular are becoming increasingly rare. Even fewer and more far between are truly memorable … read more

News of Carrie Fisher’s death hit Kevin Smith hard Tuesday.
Less than an hour after E! News confirmed the actress had died at age 60, the 46-year-old filmmaker and famous Star Wars fan took to Instagram to pay tribute to his “first love.” Sharing a picture of himself posing with Fisher and Jay Mewes on the set of Spoilers, he began, “The Princess stole my heart at age 7. Anybody who knows me knows Carrie Fisher was my first love. I thrilled to the adventures of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, … read more

Actress Carrie Fisher, best known for playing Princess Leia Organa in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, has died at age 60.
Fisher was taken to UCLA Medical Center after reportedly suffering a heart attack on Friday. She leaves behind a daughter, 24-year-old actress Billie Lourd, who released this statement through the family’s spokesman, Simon Halls:
“It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning,” reads … read more

Carrie Fisher died on Tuesday, December 27, four days after suffering a heart attack. The Star Wars icon was 60. “It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning,” family spokesman Simon Halls said in a statement to Us Weekly. “She was loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly. Our entire family thanks you for your thoughts and prayers.”
As previously reported, the actress suffered a massive heart attack … read more

I think we can all agree that Dr. Phil has done some really questionable, arguably unethical, shows with average people and celebrities, although we mostly notice the celebrities. He recently interviewed JonBenet Ramsey’s maniacally grinning brother, he had on Bobby Kristina Brown’s grieving addict boyfriend, Nick Brown, (who was incidentally just ordered to pay $36 million to her dad, Bobby Brown) and he regularly interviews families dealing with addiction, molestation and abuse, all while … read more

An upcoming Clive Davis documentary will delve extensively into the music mogul’s relationship with the late Whitney Houston, and early footage screened by the Hollywood Reporter includes Davis reading a heartbreaking letter he wrote to Houston after her cadaverous appearance at a 2001 Michael Jackson anniversary concert. In the letter, he writes that he was joining with Houston’s mother Cissy in pleading for her to get help, “to face up to the truth now, right now, and there is no more time or postponement”: … read more

By Alfred Soto
No matter how hard baby boomers have bear-hugged Robert Zimmerman since the Kennedy administration, the way he’s wriggled free — when he’s not stomping on toes — has brought much pleasure over the years. All in all, Bob Dylan is the most edifying example of what the ’60s have wrought, as well as the decade’s loudest rebuke. He is the Sun King and the destroyer of worlds. Former hippies adore Dylan, but he sure as hell doesn’t like them. By identifying with but never quite disappearing … read more

Day 1 of the DNC was pretty raucous. Everyone was still dealing with the fact that someone (coughRussiacough) hacked into the DNC emails, which led to everyone finding out the brand-new information that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was pro-Hillary Clinton and very suspicious of Bernie Sanders. So Wasserman Schultz quit as DNC Chair on Sunday, and the aftertaste was still very bitter to the ride-or-die Bernie-or-Bust people. You knew the Bernie or Bust people had lost the thread of this thing … read more

Sarah Silverman called for unity while endorsing Hillary Clinton during the first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday, July 25.
Silverman took the stage with senator Al Franken to introduce performer Paul Simon, and after recalling her earlier support for former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, Silverman declared that she’s now with Clinton. “I’m Sarah Silverman and I have been feeling the Bern. Relax, I put some cream on it,” Silverman joked … read more

Sarah Silverman’s controversial speech during the first day of the Democratic National Convention was met with an equal mix of cheers and boos.
The comedienne spoke about being a proud Bernie Sanders supporter but explained why she will be ultimately be voting for Hillary Clinton.
“I support Bernie Sanders and the movement behind him…Hillary heard the passion of the passion, the people behind Bernie, and brought those passions into the party’s platform and that is the process of democracy at its … read more