Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander have started promoting The Light Between Oceans, the film they made together back in 2014. The film was originally slated to be released last year, but it ended up being pushed to this year, in the dead of summer. It could be seen as smart counter-programming to all of the would-be summer blockbusters. Or it could be an attempt to bury a film which might not be very good? I say that because I flat-out loathed the book and the story, and I’m not expecting … read more

The nerd Super Bowl (aka San Diego Comic-Con) begins today. Although I’ll be missing it for the first time in nearly a decade due to my comedy tour in South Africa, it’s a community that holds a dear place in my heart.
In the midst of the seemingly endless barrage of BS we’re dealing with in society at large, fandom has always served as a much needed respit for me. Like everything else, it’s a microcosm of the larger world so I’m not naive to its problems. That said, I’ve met artists and fan fiction … read more

It’s so haaaaard to say gooodbyyyyye, and yet every TV season, it must be done. This season seemed to be particularly brutal, thanks to way too many deaths and way too many cancellations that we just weren’t ready for. Basically, if there were an award show for TV shows and fictional characters, the In Memoriam segment would never end. Last year, Forever was the show that would be missed the most (and we do indeed still miss it), and but this year there’s a whole new crop of shows we’re already … read more

Is there a Tony DiNozzo-Ziva David reunion in our future on NCIS? It would be appropriate, considering star Michael Weatherly is following his costar of eight years, Cote de Pablo and exiting the mega-popular series.
NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg would not confirm or deny that the two characters would reunite in the season 13 finale, Weatherly’s last, when E! News spoke with him about the end of the season, but he would confirm that whether or not Ziva appears in person, she will play a huge role … read more

Castle is already losing one of its biggest stars should the show find itself renewed for a ninth season—but it could return minus a few more familiar faces.
Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, who play everyone’s favorite cop duo, Esposito and Ryan, haven’t been asked to come back yet, Huertas revealed in a series of tweets about the shocking news that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones, both of whom have been with the series since the beginning, are not coming back to the show even if it is renewed.
“Who … read more

One part of Caskett is leaving Castle. Stana Katic will not return to the show for its ninth season, which has yet to officially be announced, leaving many fans to wonder what’s to come of the fan-favorite duo of Castle and Beckett.
“Heartbroken,” Andrew W. Marlowe, Castle’s creator, tweeted. “There are no words. #nmc.”
ABC released a statement praising Katic and her work on the show. “Kate Beckett has been a beloved character on our hit series Castle for the past 8 years. We are grateful for Stana … read more

Be still, our Will Gardner loving hearts: According to a new report, we’ll see our favorite dearly departed lawyer once more before the upcoming series finale of The Good Wife.
Although CBS did not confirm the news, TVLine reports that Josh Charles has filmed a top-secret scene for the May 8 episode, a never-before-seen flashback sequence with Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Florrick.
Alicia’s former love, Will Gardner, was killed off in the shocking season five episode “Dramatics, Your Honor,” though … read more

Although Cho has said in interviews that she was excited for season six, those took place before she found out her character would not return, she reveals. “I think sometimes on a show where there are so many characters there isn’t always room for everyone and everyone’s storylines, so I guess that was it. I do wish we would’ve developed a little bit more of her powers and the skinwalkers and just there would’ve been more of like an epic ending,” she admits, but leaves the door open for a return. … read more

If there’s one thing showrunners can expect after killing off the main character of a TV show, it’s that the fans will have something to say about it. And Sleepy Hollow fans have plenty to say about Friday’s shocking death of Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills, one half of the show’s central team of Witnesses on the hunt for the Headless Horseman. Viewers of the season three finale took to Twitter to express their shock, frustration and sadness – or a mixture of all three – in the hours after the … read more

It was NOT a good week for some of TV’s most fearsome females. In Friday’s season three finale of Sleepy Hollow, we saw Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) meet her tragic end—and the star and studio confirmed that it’s the real deal. As in there’s no supernatural way she’ll return should the show return for a fourth season.
“The finale featuring the tragic death of Abbie Mills was a very dramatic ending and a bold move for the show, Sleepy Hollow has always been known for its shocking finales,” the … read more

We’ve pored over all the newest casting reports and come up with all the news you need to know featuring some fan favorites like Billy Dee Williams and Jordana Brewster!
Jason O’Mara has been cast as the lead in A&E’s The Infamous, a new gritty cop drama set around the time of the LA riots. O’Mara will play Bill Slidell, a hard-nosed cop with a reputation for stirring up trouble. His co-star is Bokeem Woodbine, who has been cast as Shannon, a former hoodlum, now-music producer, on … read more

Ask any horror fan about Scream 2 and they’ll tell you that one of the most visceral and lasting moments, seared into their minds forever, was when Jada Pinkett Smith was stabbed to death in a movie theater by Ghostface, the masked killer of the Scream franchise. Ask anyone who grew up black in the ’90s and they’ll remember when Jada slid on a mask to “set it off” with her compatriots Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox, and Kimberly Elise. Jada had top billing in both of those movies. She is … read more

I’ve finally nailed down what this Alicia Vikander-Michael Fassbender situation reminds me of: Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard. Remember when they were a couple? Alex never said one word about her publicly, but The Bos made it her job to let everyone know that they were together and it was amazing, all the while playing the “privacy” card. Alicia has been playing a strikingly similar game with the media. Fassy never says one word to or about her in public, but Alicia spends so much time … read more

In case you needed a reminder: Cool, thoughtful women absolutely killed it in 2015.
Though women faced many attacks this year, including the tragic shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, there were also many moments when women banded together and triumphed. As 2016 is fast approaching, let’s look back and celebrate the moments — and the women — who made 2015 a year of forward-thinking female badassery. 11 Times Gender Norms Got The Middle Finger in 2015 Amber Rose’s SlutWalk … read more

Fans of Brendan Coyle know him as Downton Abbey’s lovable gent John Bates, and now, criminal boss Nelson Clay in Spotless, but what do we know about Brendan Coyle, the person?
While sitting down to chat with E! News about his new dramedy on Esquire, the 51-year-old Irish/Scottish actor opened up about a personal matter—his father’s sudden death. Coyle, who worked at a family butcher shop when he was younger and was only 17 years old at the time of the tragedy, recalled how his father’s death was … read more