Well before being championed as a bright voice amid rock’s dying light, Sadie Dupuis had a secret — or so I was convinced during 2008 and 2009, when she was an intern at Spin magazine (where I was music editor) while also studying poetry at Barnard College, and before her first band, Quilty, had released a peep. With a wry, slow-burn wit and teeming, unpretentious intelligence, Dupuis was more than a talented young writer, she was an original character — a knowledgeable music geek with an edgy … read more

In case you needed a reminder: Cool, thoughtful women absolutely killed it in 2015.
Though women faced many attacks this year, including the tragic shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, there were also many moments when women banded together and triumphed. As 2016 is fast approaching, let’s look back and celebrate the moments — and the women — who made 2015 a year of forward-thinking female badassery. 11 Times Gender Norms Got The Middle Finger in 2015 Amber Rose’s SlutWalk … read more

Despite abortion being legal for over 40 years, the past few weeks have proven that the stigma around the practice is alive and well (see: the heavily-edited “undercover” Planned Parenthood videos, or the impassioned anti-choice rhetoric at the first two GOP debates). With the House of Representatives having voted to defund Planned Parenthood last Friday, it feels like anti-abortion sentiment is louder than ever. Here’s Why Defunding Planned Parenthood Hurts Everyone That’s why … read more

The headlines are everywhere: “5 Easy Ways to Slim Down Before Your Wedding“; “The Buff Bride’s Handbook“; “The Wedding Detox Diet“; and as wedding budgets continue to rise, so do extreme pressures to make “the big day” perfect. Everything from prescription pills to hormone injections to, yes, even feeding tubes were detailed in a 2012 New York Times article exploring the mounting pressures on brides to slim down, no matter what the cost. Ashlee Simpson’s Photos Are Giving Us … read more