It’s pretty hard to avoid the fact that today is May 4, also known as May the 4th be with you, also known as Star Wars Day. You see, today, more than any other day, young Padawan, is a celebration of George Lucas’s extensive universe — and you don’t have to live in a galaxy far, far away to participate in the festivities. This year, Star Wars newbies Daisy Ridley and John Boyega — Ridley is currently busy filming Star Wars: Episode VIII (NBD) — were hella excited to take part in the … read more

Well, that’s one way to celebrate. As Star Wars fanatics everywhere flock to social media to celebrate the beloved saga on May 4, franchise newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have taken to Instagram to wish fans a very happy Star Wars day. Boyega, 24, gave a nod to his former Empire-defending pals in his post, sharing a hilarious video of a group of Stormtroopers twerking. (Yes, you read that correctly.) In the clip, Boyega is seen opening a door and walking in on a group of Stormtroopers busting … read more

Ordinarily, I enjoy Prince Harry in black. Black really sets off his ginger coloring, and he’s absolutely gorgeous when he wears his black Army service dress uniform. But in these photos of Harry from Monday, the pics of Harry-in-black are so meh. I actually saw the perspective of the Harry-haters – he looked sort of average, like any other forgettable bloke. But the photos of Harry coming out of Westminster in the fabulous blue suit? DING-DONG. He looks gorgeous there. Honk if you want to see … read more

In news which we promise isn’t your hungover from the weekend eyes deceiving you, Princes William and Harry are set to appear in the next Star Wars film.
Yup, the currently untitled film, which is due for release in December 2017, will feature the two princes as Stormtroopers, amazing, according to the Mail on Sunday.
But rather than go through rounds of rigorous auditions for the coveted roles, William and Harry had the parts sprung on them during a set visit to Pinewood Studios.
‘The line given … read more

Proving that it’s not just us commoners who nerd out over Star Wars, Britain’s pair of princes let their geek flags fly while visiting the set of the franchise’s new film in London. Prince Harry and his brother William, the Duke of Cambridge, visited the Pinewood Studio set of Star Wars: Episode VIII on Tuesday, where they were treated to a VIP tour led by Daisy Ridley, a.k.a. Rey, a.k.a. Star Wars royalty in her own right.
Kensington Palace said the royals’ visit was to recognize the British … read more

Prince William may be a father of two, but he’s still a kid at heart!
On Tuesday, the Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry visited Pinewood Studios just outside of London in order to meet the cast and crew behind the Star Wars sequel’s trilogy. AH-Mazing!
Luckily for us, Kensington Palace reps documented the entire meet and greet on Twitter. In fact, one pic (above) showed off William and Harry’s nerdy sides as the twosome battled each other with lightsabers. Does anyone else love that … read more

May the force be with them! Prince William and Prince Harry visited the Star Wars film set at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday, April 19. “Today The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry are traveling to a galaxy far, far Away…” Kensington Palace wrote via Instagram. As seen in subsequent photos, the brothers were all smiles on location, but it was Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) that really made Prince Harry’s day. “Prince Harry has made a new friend…” the Palace captioned a picture of … read more

Prince William and Prince Harry visited a galaxy far, far away.
The royals were able to participate in a Star Wars fan’s dream today when they visited the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII where they received a tour by actress Daisy Ridley (and played with her head cast) and got a chance to meet Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, as well as director Rian Johnson.
And, of course, the brothers took part in a lightsaber battle.
Not only that—they got a sneak preview of the film! Man, royal perks, … read more

Here are some photos of Lupita Nyong’o out and about in NYC yesterday. She’s a princess!! My God, this shot of her wearing a scarf over her hair, with those sunglasses and the ugly Dolce & Gabbana dress… she’s just stunning. She changed clothes for her Good Morning American interview too, and that dress was so much better. Lupita is currently promoting her voice work in The Jungle Book. I could basically watch Lupita talk for hours. That’s cute that John Boyega sent her a special message. … read more

Here is an admission that will certainly get me Internet-murdered: I have not seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is for multiple reasons, but primarily it’s because I do not care about Star Wars. I’m aware that this is neither an original nor #hot take on the franchise, but it is my truth, and I must live it. Please tell my family that I love them and tell my 13-year-old sister she can finally have my laptop.
It’s not that the Star Wars movies are so boring that I once watched the first … read more

Chris Pratt attended the MTV Movie Awards in this grey t-shirt, blue leather jacket, jeans and brown oxfords. Pratt doesn’t always do it for me but he is here. As we know, when Pratt isn’t erecting giant crosses for Easter, he is usually saving the universe from some cinematic adversary. For his efforts, MTV awarded him Best Action Performance for his role in Jurassic World. He was up against Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, John Boyega, Ryan Reynolds and Vin Diesel. Given that competition, … read more

The MTV Movie Awards celebrated their 25th anniversary in Burbank, California, on Saturday, April 9, with some of the biggest names in film.
Hosted by Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the awards ceremony, which are airing on MTV on Sunday, April 10, at 8 p.m. ET, honored the biggest movies of the year, as well as Will Smith, who received the Generation Award, and Melissa McCarthy, who became the first ever female to earn the Comedic Genius Award.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens took home … read more

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have officially kicked off the 2016 MTV Movie Awards on the Warner Bros. backlot, which means it’s time to start handing out the Golden Popcorn. (You can watch all of the action during tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.) Who will win big at this year’s Movie Awards? Star Wars: The Force Awakens was nominated for a whopping 11 nominations, including key nominations for Movie of the Year, Best Female Performance (Daisy Ridley), and Breakthrough Performance … read more

The last we saw of Daisy Ridley in a DVD bonus clip from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she was showing off her insane ability to cry on demand during her dramatic audition tape. Now, there’s a new bonus clip for fans to pore over, only this one’s not so serious. In fact, it’s straight-up silly as hell.
In the clip, shared by Entertainment Tonight, Ridley and her onscreen partner-in-crime John Boyega (Finn) prove they’re just as formidable a duo when rapping as they are battling Stormtroopers. … read more

Daisy Ridley is just as awesome as you’d expect her to be. The breakout star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens got candid for a recent Facebook Live Q&A, revealing just how much her life has changed since Episode VII hit theaters last December, how she’s preparing for the film’s next installment and a surprising dream job she’d have liked to pursue if that whole acting thing didn’t quite pan out. Additionally, Ridley sounded off what it feels like to wield a lightsaber, revealed the biggest troublemaker … read more