We’ve finally reached it: The center of the Westworld maze, where every errant question the show has raised over the course of its 10 bonkers episodes will finally be answered and the Nolan brothers will emerge from a piano full of whiskey, stark naked. The finale begins with a flashback to Dolores’s birth, when Arnold made her out of clay like a dreidel, except a dreidel that you can have sex with. Flash forward to the present day. Dolores is shaving the Man in Black’s face with a knife while having … read more

James Marsden stopped by Ellen to talk about his new hit show Westworld and ended up getting the surprise of his life. When Marsden sat down with host Ellen DeGeneres, she revealed he’d chosen a good day to stop by because she’d heard he has a huge crush on her next guest, Helen Mirren. “I just love her. I do. I’ve had a massive crush on her for years,” he confessed. “I was on a flight with her once to Rome and when I got off the flight, I followed her to baggage claim and, in a … read more

James Marsden dropped by The Late Show to chat about his role on the hit HBO show Westworld, including the random questions fans shout at him on airplanes about the fate of his character Teddy.
On the show Stephen Colbert, mentioned that his guest had been named GQ’s “World’s Handsomest Man” this year. It’s difficult to follow the logic, but for whatever reason this prompted the talk-show host to give viewers a peep at the leading man’s high school yearbook photo.
The photo features … read more

Anyone with eyes can see James Marsden is a good-looking dude.
And on CBS’ The Late Show Tuesday, Stephen Colbert complimented the Westworld actor on a recent honor that made it official. “GQ has named you the World’s Most Handsomest Man,” he said. “First of all, does that come with anything? Is there a medal or cash prize, or do you just get to keep your face?” Hamming it up, Marsden smoldered at the camera and feigned humility. “No, it’s just my lot. It’s just a burden,” he said. “It’s just an … read more

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You might’ve heard that HBO’s hit show Westworld has been renewed for a second season. But have you head that The Man in Black is returning?! That’s right, Ed Harris spilled the beans over the weekend. Does this mean it’s going be a while before we see Arnold’s supposed maze? [BBC Radio 4]
Curious … read more

Previously on Westworld, I stopped watching after the second episode. But anything goes in Trump’s America, so that means you get me recapping this week while Rachel Handler is on vacation. Also, Bernard is a robot and killed Theresa last week and Twitter wouldn’t stop talking about it so I muted the word “Westworld.” I have a feeling Bernard understands my distress, because we open this week’s episode with him sobbing about having killed the human he was in love with. Anthony, an evil white man, … read more

The Enchanted sequel can’t come soon enough.
“I don’t know when it’s starting, but we definitely have had conversations,” Amy Adams, who starred in the 2007 movie as Giselle, told me at the Governors Awards.
Adam Shankman is set to direct the follow-up, which will be called Disenchanted and will reportedly take place 10 years after the original movie ends.
I reminded Adams of the time a few years ago that she told me she would be up for a sequel. “If the script is right, I still stand by that,” the … read more

Westworld hasn’t slacked on the twists and turns in Season 1, but tonight’s episode changed the game for the remainder on the show.
WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you have seen Westworld Season 1 Episode 7, titled “Trompe L’Oeil,” and you’re ready to dish on the craziness of tonight’s episode. Bernard is a host! I repeat: Bernard is a host!
I know we all called this one a while ago, but that didn’t make it any less of a revolutionary discovery tonight. Especially because it seems that Ford … read more

Westworld’s sixth episode, which shall henceforth be known as “The Episode That Was Good,” begins with Maeve inexplicably changing out of her amazing pajamas and getting dressed and going to work. Not the choice I would make, but you do you, Maeve. Maeve is on a mission to figure out nothing less than the entire meaning of her life. Somebody gets shot to death behind her and she doesn’t give a fuck. The piano plays itself (imagine!) and Maeve DGAF. Clementine stumbles down the stairs with … read more

Westworld is doing a fine as hell job of making my head feel like it’s spinning at a million miles an hour, and I’m totally not complaining.
Want to know how I spent my Halloween? Having an in depth conversation about the intricacies of Westworld with a total stranger. I kid you not. That’s one of the most brilliant parts of this show: The opportunities for theories and conversations are endless.
And tonight’s episode only heaped on so many more unknowns.
This is J.J. Abrams television at its finest. … read more

Jessica Biel had to laugh a little at husband Justin Timberlake after he got into a bit of hot water for posting a selfie from a voting booth in Tennessee, which is illegal in the state. Biel shared some goofy selfies with the “I Voted” sticker all over her face, captioning it, “When you’re so turnt up about voting that you do a photo shoot with your sticker and think it’s cool but then second guess it, but you’ve already posted, but at least you waited to get home before snapping so … read more

Grab your cutest cowboy booties, curl your bangs, mount the nearest robot, and just pretend it makes sense that basically every guest in Westworld is a guy or a guy’s wife because women don’t have base desires, because we’re halfway through Westworld’s first season! The fifth episode begins with what’s likely a skip back in time, because Anthony Hopkins is having a chat with the robot he decommissioned all the way back in episode one. They’re talking about “the saddest story ever”: according … read more

After only five episodes of Westworld, I’m already up to my eyeballs in theories about this show. The depth and the brilliance behind the show seem to know no boundaries, and I feel like the answers underneath the facade that is Westworld are just out of my reach — which makes me feel like a host stuck on a loop, not gonna lie.
If you’re like me, you’ve already had hour-long conversations about the show with your friends. You’ve scoured the Internet for clues other viewers have picked up, and … read more

Once a week we like to serve up the most interesting new spoilers we can find from around the web, teasing what fans can expect to see on upcoming episodes of their favorite shows, including The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, The Walking Dead and more!
Obsessed with Westworld yet? The teaser clip for episode five of the series, titled “Contrapasso,” has just been released and offers some enticing details, including a face-to-face meeting between Dr. Ford and the Man in Black. The title is a reference … read more

What a time we’ve had together in Westworld the past three weeks, boopin’ and boppin’ robots and finding ourselves. The fourth episode begins, naturally, with our long-suffering succotash, Dolores. Bernard is mindfucking her again, asking her upsetting questions and confusing me. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on in these scenes, and trying to parse the logistics truly darkens my day. Does Bernard just pluck Dolores out of her bed every night? Does she remember these chats, or are they … read more