In October, FBI director James Comey heavily criticized the organization’s methods for counting people killed by police officers.
“It is unacceptable that The Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper from the U.K. are becoming the lead source of information about violent encounters between police and civilians. That is not good for anybody,” he told politicians and law enforcement officials. Director Of The FBI Calls Data On Police Shootings ‘Embarassing’ Amidst widespread criticism, the … read more

Attorneys for the Farook family have asked that the public not jump to conclusions, saying that there’s little evidence that accused San Bernardino shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik committed an act of terrorism. “As a primarily Christian nation, I think we’re people… of forgiveness and I think we should avoid bigotry,” said attorney David Chesley, cautioning the American people not to condemn all Muslims for Farook and Malik’s actions. “We need to protect the Muslim community.” Attorney … read more

A nationwide effort last week by local, regional and federal law enforcement agencies has resulted in the arrests of more than 150 alleged pimps and the freeing of nearly as many children from lives of forced sexual servitude. For a ninth consecutive year, the FBI conducted a specialize enforcement effort known as “Operation Cross Country.” This year, the campaign specifically targeted alleged human traffickers, yielding scores of arrests across cities like Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles … read more

As conversations around police brutality and police-involved shootings have captured public attention, publications including The Guardian and Washington Post have delivered extensive, amazing coverage tracking the incidents, their aftermath and the larger-scale systemic issues that contribute to them — by the numbers. But James Comey, Director of the FBI, thinks it’s kind of embarrassing that the government’s own information isn’t much better than these paper’s databases, the Washington … read more

Fast Food Employees In New York Will Earn $15/Hr.
The minimum wage is getting a boost across the country. On Wednesday the University of California — the state’s third biggest employer — announced that it would bump up pay for employees working more than 20 hours a week to $15 over the next 3 years. In New York, a bill raising the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 an hour is awaiting a signature from Governor Andrew Cuomo; that one could affect more than 180,000 working families and … read more

Such an honor! Fortune has released a list of whom they consider the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders and coming in at number six was the world’s very own Taylor Swift !!! And we’re so excited for her regarding this tremendous honor!!!! But Taylor wasn’t the only familiar name on the list! Jimmy Fallon also had his name listed alongside some pretty powerful people as Jimmy came in at number 45, and the list even included various reasons why these people were selected for this esteemed honor. Here’s what … read more