Chris Martin seized the opportunity to play a beautiful tribute to George Michael while visiting a homeless shelter just days after the Wham! singer died on Christmas Day.
The Coldplay frontman honored Michael, who was an incredible philanthropist, by singing “Last Christmas” at a Crisis center in London. With his guitar in hand Martin belted out the holiday hit alongside another man, identified only as, Kevin. “A huge thank you to Coldplay’s Chris Martin for dropping by our Crisis at Christmas … read more

Elton John paid tribute to his longtime friend George Michael last night.
The legendary singer and songwriter opened his Las Vegas concert with an emotional rendition of his song with the late singer, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”
John also spoke to the crowd through his tears about how close he was to the former Wham! singer.
After telling the audience that he wished that “George was here to sing” their duet with him, he recalled the beginnings of their friendship and how difficult he took … read more

A heartfelt farewell. Elton John was in tears during an emotional tribute to his late friend George Michael during a concert in Las Vegas on Wednesday, December 28.
John, 69, played “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” a song that the pair had memorably dueted on in 1991. The singer fought back tears as he told the audience, “I only wish George was here to sing it with me,” the Mirror reports. Sitting at a piano, he sang the 1974 ballad as a large picture of Michael, who died on Christmas Day at the … read more

George Michael received a moving musical tribute performance at a London homeless shelter last week, courtesy of Chris Martin.
The Coldplay frontman and a male singer named Kevin performed the late singer’s former band Wham!’s 1986 hit “Last Christmas.” Martin played an acoustic guitar and provided backup vocals.
The performance took place on Dec. 27, two days after Michael died at age 53, at a shelter run by the London-based charity Crisis. A video was posted on the group’s Facebook page Thursday … read more

With the Grim Reaper ramping up his end-of-the-year visits, I’m happy to report that you won’t be seeing Britney Spears’ name pop up during any of the 2016 “In Memoriam” videos that are already starting to flood your Facebook timeline. On Monday morning, the Sony Music Twitter account was hacked, reportedly by the same group who recently targeted Mark Zuckerberg, Marvel and Netflix. The hackers sent out two tweets, which were later deleted, leading fans to believe that the singer was dead. … read more

Christy Turlington recalled working with George Michael on his iconic “Freedom! ’90” music video in a new interview Wednesday, December 28, three days after the singer’s death at age 53.
“I remember him being kind of shy,” the supermodel, 47, told Rolling Stone of her first and only encounter with Michael in 1990. “He was a person who was certainly in control; his aura. He came in with a baseball bat. He didn’t have an entourage or anything like that. The whole production seemed pretty pared down, … read more

George Michael may have died incredibly young, but his extraordinary life won’t soon be forgotten.
Fans are still reeling from the loss of the Wham! star, who passed away of heart failure on Christmas Day in his home in England. To celebrate his illustrious career in music, ABC aired a 20/20 special on the pop icon on Tuesday — and there were definitely a few things we learned about the 53-year-old’s life in George Michael: Faith, Freedom and His Final Hours.
Starting off with a Wham!
Destined … read more

George Michael was given to embracing new forms, be it instruments, the burgeoning medium of music videos, or his own continual reinvention throughout his career. He was a white British kid who loved the sounds of Motown, and later, house music, and bringing soulfulness to everything he did. In the ’80s, pop was becoming an auteurist form, challenging rock-centering arguments that pop was disposable while rock was built to last. Much of ’80s rock was, of course, disposable and just as appearance-driven … read more

There’s no doubt about it—George Michael and Christy Turlington commanded the late 1980s into the early 1990s. The late pop performer, who died Saturday at the age of 53, tapped Turlington and a slew of other catwalk queens to co-star in his 1990 music video for “Freedom,” which went on to become one of Michael’s most popular hits. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the supermodel recalls working with Michael on the project and what she admired most about him. “I remember him being kind of … read more

George Michael’s partner, Fadi Fawaz, shared a sweet Instagram photo in honor of the late singer on Wednesday, December 28, just three days after he found Michael dead on Christmas Day. “I will never stop missing you George the kind and the most beautiful man ever. Xxx,” Fawaz captioned a photo of them sitting together. As previously reported, the Wham! frontman died at the age of 53 from what his longtime manager, Michael Lippman, revealed was heart failure. Fawaz told the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph … read more

George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz is sharing memories while coping over the singer’s death.
The celebrity hairstylist—who started dating Michael in 2011—took to Instagram on Wednesday, posting an old photo with Michael and sharing a touching message. He wrote, “I will never stop missing you George the kind and the most beautiful man ever. Xxx”
He also shared a video of Michael’s song “This Kind of Love” on Twitter, simply writing, “My baby.”
On Tuesday, Fawaz revealed he had been the one … read more

Vanderpump Rules cast member James Kennedy paid tribute to his godfather, the late George Michael, on Monday, December 26. The reality star, 24, posted a throwback photo of himself as a child with the iconic singer via Instagram. “Rest In Peace George,” he captioned the black and white snapshot. “I’m heartbroken we never got to speak again after so many years, I can’t believe this has happened, please watch over me in heaven Godfather. Enjoy paradise I love you.” Kennedy also posted a pic of his … read more

Since George Michael’s untimely, tragic death from heart failure on Christmas Day, there has been an outpouring of love for his life and work from his family members and celebrities alike. Close friend Mariah Carey is one of the many struggling to come to terms with the 53-year-old’s passing. After tweeting about how he was an “inspiration,” the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer penned a lengthy letter on her website about all the ways the legendary musician affected her singing career. “George … read more

Always paying it forward. Many stories about George Michael’s secret good deeds are being revealed following the iconic singer’s death.
According to TV personality Richard Osman, the “Faith” singer once helped a woman who appeared on Deal Or No Deal with money she needed for IVF treatment.
“A woman on ‘Deal Or No Deal’ told us she needed £15k for IVF treatment,” Osman tweeted on Monday, December 26. “George Michael secretly phoned the next day and gave her the £15k.” Michael, who died of heart … read more

By Michaelangelo Matos
Few pop stars so transparently wanted to be liked as George Michael. Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in London in 1963, he grew up in the suburb of Bushey and began dreaming of pop stardom at age 7. “It’s not the something extra that makes a star — it’s the something that’s missing,” Michael said in a 1989 MTV Rockumentary. “You know, it’s an old story now, but it’s true: I was fat, I was very unattractive [as an] adolescent — glasses, spots [laughs], … read more