Andre Leon Talley is still considered one of America’s most important style arbiters. Even though he’s no longer Anna Wintour’s right-hand man, he’s still very involved in fashion and everything around fashion. So it’s no surprise that Maureen Dowd was tasked with interviewing Talley about the incoming Trump administration, and the ongoing debate about Melania Trump and what kind of access she will and she should have to designers. The “what will Melania wear?” story seems to have … read more

George Lopez is in no way a Trump supporter, but he’s not impressed with the way Ivanka Trump was treated on THAT JetBlue flight.
On Thursday, the funny man was corned by the paparazzi at LAX airport and was asked to comment on Miz Trump getting accosted by a fellow passenger on a plane before take off. While the 55-year-old is more than happy to poke fun at the future First Family, he does NOT condone harassment.
Lopez noted to TMZ: Fair, fair.
As you may recall, early on Thursday morning, the … read more

Not with him. Phoebe Pearl, a Radio City Rockette, took to Instagram on Thursday, December 22, to say she is “embarrassed and disappointed” to perform for Donald Trump after the famed dance troupe confirmed its participation in the president-elect’s upcoming inauguration. The New York City–based dancer, 27, shared a photo of herself on stage dancing with the Rockettes and digitally drew a white thought bubble next to her face that read, “Not my president.” The post was accompanied by … read more

This is the dumbest story and I’m really suspicious of how it went viral yesterday. There’s a whiff of set-up to it. The basic gist is that Ivanka Trump and her kids boarded a JetBlue flight to Hawaii, as they were heading on holiday for Christmas. They were sitting in coach, and Ivanka apparently had Secret Service personnel on hand too. That’s when some guy verbally accosted her on the plane. And that’s it. He just said, “Your father is ruining the country” and he was kicked off the … read more

– Some of the Radio City Rockettes have been horrified to learn that they’ll be providing the entertainment at Donald Trump’s inauguration next month. TheWrap reports that the famous New York City dancers have been told by their union that they have to perform at the event or risk losing their jobs. According to Perez Hilton, Rockette Phoebe Pearl said in an Instagram post that the women are “embarrassed and disappointed” to be “performing for a man that stands for everything we’re against.” … read more

Tiffany Trump is often called the “forgotten” daughter of Donald Trump, and a new Vanity Fair profile offered a glimpse into her not-so-glamorous life compared to her older half-sister, Ivanka Trump. “Ivanka has such a brand and a personality and consistency in her Instagram,” a friend of Tiffany’s told the magazine. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old aspiring law school student “is jumping into this whole process with both feet. She hasn’t polished it yet.” The friend explained that while … read more

Ivanka Trump is getting a lot of sh*t for standing by her dad.
After supporting Donald Trump despite all his abhorrent actions and controversial comments, the 35-year-old is being called out by a group of artists who have works displayed in her posh pad in New York.
Curator Alison Gingeras, dealer Bill Powers, artist Jonathan Horowitz, and others founded an organization called Halt Action Group, or HAG, which has since launched a campaign called “Dear Ivanka.”
The initiative is protesting in the … read more

At the moment, President-elect Donald Trump’s team is working to put together the businessman-turned-politician’s upcoming inauguration. However, despite their apparent willingness “to pay anything,” booking high-profile talent is proving to be a serious problem. Today (Dec. 22, 2016), it was reported that Celine Dion was approached about singing at the ceremony, but declined.
According to The Wrap, Mark Burnett, Trump’s co-producer on The Apprentice, led the effort to get Dion on board … read more

On Thursday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to call for increased U.S. nuclear capability until “the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”
Japanese-American actor George Takei had a powerful response for the president-elect that called to mind the past horrors of nuclear weapons. Takei has a highly personal reason to take issue with Trump’s tweet. Members of his family were living in Hiroshima during WWII, when the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on the city on Aug. 6, 1945, killing thousands … read more

Damn right!
Even though Donald Trump has won the election, it doesn’t mean celebs are lining up to meet or perform for the next President.
Trump is obviously having a hard time landing an A-list performer for his inauguration and reportedly even tried to bribe some singers! Well, no amount of money could get a oui out of this Celine Dion either! The Wrap reports Queen Celine has declined to be join in the festivities!
An insider close to the situation told the news site that hotel owner Steve Wynn, … read more

They may not be ‘yuge… but at least they said yes.
One of the only silver linings to come out of Donald Trump’s dark ascension to power was that literally no one in Hollywood wanted to take part in his inauguration!
While the racist Republican was able to convince 16-year-old America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho to perform the National Anthem, the President-elect simply couldn’t find someone A-List to sing for when he gets sworn in on January 20… until now, that is.
Don’t worry — Celine … read more

Donald Trump tweeted about America’s need to strengthen the nation’s “nuclear capability” in an alarming tweet on Thursday, December 22, hours after Vladimir Putin made similar comments about Russia’s own weapons.
“The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes,” the 70-year-old President-elect wrote, using words that strongly resembled Putin’s speech earlier that day. According to the Agence … read more

This season, most of us will make that extra effort to be generous to our friends, family, and loved ones. If we could, some of us would also take a moment to extend that generosity to our favorite celebrities.
I asked the staff of Celebuzz to tell me what kinds of gifts they’d buy for their favorite (or you know, not favorite) celebrities. Turns out, we’re a bunch of trolls. Below, see what we, the writers and editors of the Number One Pop Culture Website* (*in someone’s heart, surely) would … read more

The new Celebrity Apprentice will debut on January 2. I take no joy in writing that but I can’t stop it from happening either. Now that the former host has taken another job, he was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a logical choice since they have so much in common. Arnold, who once served as governor of California, a fact that most of us Californians are still recovering from, is a fairy successful businessman and is still entertaining enough to draw a crowd. Prior to the presidential election, … read more

Ivanka Trump and her three children were accosted by a fellow passenger on a JetBlue flight on Thursday morning (Dec. 22, 2016).
TMZ reports that a passenger aboard the plane leaving from JFK screamed at Ivanka, “Your father is ruining the country,” referring to President-elect Donald Trump. While holding his child in his arms, the irate passenger allegedly continued, “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.”
Another passenger tells the tabloid that Trumps’ daughter tried … read more