Coolio was spared jail time after pleading guilty for possession of a concealed weapon on Wednesday (Oct. 26, 2016), and it turns out the judge also liked the rapper’s hairstyle. The “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper , whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey, was arrested and charged in September for having a firearm in his backpack at the Los Angeles International airport.
According to TMZ, instead of being sentenced to jail, the judge sentenced Coolio to three years of probation as well as 45 days of … read more

Rapper Coolio wants us to know it was all a “misunderstanding” after being arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (Sept. 17, 2016) for allegedly trying to bring a stolen gun through TSA. According to multiple reports (via People), a 39-year-old man was stopped when TSA agents discovered he had a loaded firearm in his carry-on bag. T he bag was later determined to belong to the man’s 53-year-old man traveling companion, eventually identified as Coolio, who was already onboard … read more

Not even a “Suit & Tie” could prevent this unexpected fan moment.
Over the weekend, Justin Timberlake traveled to Lake Tahoe for the 27th annual American Century Championship. While participating in the most prestigious event in celebrity golf, the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” singer experienced a surprise encounter from an unknown stranger.
In video obtained by TMZ, fans were able to witness the Grammy winner getting slapped on the right side of his face as he tried to pass through a crowd of people.
As … read more

Charles Barkley says he confronted Johnny Manziel about his drinking and drug use during a chance encounter in Vegas — but despite his best efforts, he just couldn’t get through to the QB.
Barkley appeared on 97.5 “The Fanatic” and said he ran into Johnny in Sin City back in May. 
“I said, ‘Johnny, man you’re screwing up your life, man. I’m not your dad, I’m not gonna try to lecture you. I’m just telling you I had a brother who passed away at a young age. Drugs and alcohol got him. It’s gonna … read more

Ben Affleck was a guest on the first episode of the new HBO sports talkshow show, Any Given Wednesday, hosted by Bill Simmons, the founder of now-defunct Grantland. (Simmons got canned by ESPN last year after he reportedly clashed with producers. You can read more about him here.) The first guest was Charles Barkley, and he chatted with Simmons about Lebron, basketball and money management. Barkley is a seasoned player and sports commentator and he had a nice rapport with Simmons. The show is only … read more

By Gaby Wilson and Adam Fleischer
As kids who grew up with Space Jam and remain avid basketball fans, we were immediately overcome with ideas for the reboot. So just as quickly as we heard the announcement that Space Jam 2, starring LeBron James, was happening, we tumbled down a rabbit hole of potential casting options. The movie doesn’t have a release date yet, but when it does hit theaters, here’s who you’re guaranteed to see. Maybe. Wilson: OK. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS NEWS?
Fleischer: Okayyyy … read more

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz expressed support for North Carolina’s new bathroom law, which bars transgender people from using the facility that is consistent with their gender identity. “The state has the power to pass their own laws to make a determination that men should not be going to the bathroom with little girls,” the Republican presidential hopeful told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd during a taping of a town hall meeting in Buffalo, New York, that aired on Thursday, April 14. “I’m … read more

North Carolina’s controversial new anti-LGBT law doesn’t sit well with Bruce Springsteen. The Boss, 66, has been thrilling audiences across the country on The River Tour with his E Street Band since the start of the year. Although he and his bandmates had been slated to perform at the Greensboro Coliseum on April 10, Springsteen announced Friday that he was canceling the show following North Carolina’s passage of House Bill 2, or HB2, last month. Springsteen blasted the new legislation, which Gov. … read more

It costs a heck of a lot to say “I do.”
For an average couple in the U.S. the total cost for a wedding comes to $32,641.
That’s according to The Knot’s annual Real Weddings Study, which was just released and breaks down the numbers for 2015 nuptials.
The primary places that money is going (excluding the honeymoon) is toward the venue ($14,788) followed by the engagement ring ($5,871.)
As for the best (and worst) places to tie the knot if you’re on a budget…
Manhattan is the most expensive place … read more

It’s been over six months since Nannygate and neither Jennifer Garner nor Ben Affleck has filed for divorce yet. We heard that Garner was going to let Affleck pull the trigger, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. We also heard that Garner was hoping for a reconciliation, which was reported in the tabloids and not confirmed by the official celebrity outlets. The official outlets are reporting that these two went on a family outing with their kid to Montana, where they own a place, for Valentine’s … read more

For one of its first new episodes of the year, Saturday Night Live is doubling down on the girl power.
NBC has announced that the Saturday, Jan. 23 episode, the show’s second in 2016, UFC powerhouse Ronda Rousey will make her SNL debut as host, along with first-time musical guest Selena Gomez.
And they aren’t the only first-timers the late-night sketch show has on tap. For the show’s Jan. 16 return, they’ve tapped Girls and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Adam Driver to host and country musician … read more

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may be rivals on the field, but the Patriots quarterback is showing his support for his “good friend” off the field amidst his latest controversy.
Reports began circulating that Manning had been receiving human growth hormones in his wife’s name while recovering from neck surgery four years ago. Despite the claims, however, Brady has continued to praise the Broncos quarterback.
“I have a lot of personal thoughts that really are personal to me,” Brady told WEEI radio … read more

In a radio interview Tuesday morning, Tom Brady refused to budge from his position of passive support for “good friend” and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, even in the aftermath of Trump’s Islamophobic remarks this past week.
Trump’s call to bar Muslims from stepping onto U.S. soil has drawn the ire of a series of notable sports figures in recent days. But while Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley all used their platforms to speak out against the former reality … read more

Basketball is officially back.
The 2015-2016 NBA season begins tonight with some major match-ups, including LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Derrick Rose’s Chicago Bulls and Stephen “Riley’s dad” Curry’s defending-champion Golden State Warriors taking on the New Orleans Pelicans, featuring perhaps the best player of ’em all, Anthony Davis.
So what better way to get you prepared and hyped for tip-off than with our list of the 11 most burning questions we’ve got ahead of the brand-spanking-new … read more

Johnny Manziel wants to set the record straight.
The Cleveland Browns quarterback made headlines after having a run-in with police earlier in the week over a dispute that occurred with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, on the side of the highway, but the 22-year-old reassures fans that “everything is fine.”
A driver called police after Manziel’s vehicle cut across traffic and pulled over on the shoulder of the highway. According to the police report obtained by E! News, Manziel’s “white Nissan [was] … read more