Here’s something nice: Shirley Manson is still pretty awesome. If you were around in the 1990s, chances are pretty good that you loved Shirley Manson and/or her band, Garbage. She was part of the female-led rock band revolution, along with Hole, The Breeders, Ani DiFranco, Siouxsie and the Banshees, No Doubt, Portishead, Bikini Kill and more. It’s sort of painful to realize that the era of mainstream, badass Riot Grrl-driven alt-rock music is over. Anyway, Shirley is still around, and Garbage … read more

For every Cher and Dionne, there was a Daria and Jane. Instead of fussing with the cute cami dress and hairpin fashion regime of their time, Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane were in the business of badassery. They were smart, sassy, and stuck together as they happily occupied the outskirts of the cliche` machine that was Lawndale High School. They relished their space outside the fish tank and provided each other (and us) with weird and witty banter, and they also loved pizza (very important to … read more

In 1992, Bay Area label Lookout Records signed an underground San Francisco band named Pansy Division to its roster. The band’s lyrics, couched in no-frills, earworm-y pop-punk, centered on two themes, both of which bought them infamy: gay romance and gay sex. Lookout was a powerful force in early- to mid-1990s punk rock, known for releasing music from Green Day and Operation Ivy, and the label had good reason to sign the then-fledgling Pansy Division, who were quickly gaining steam with frank, … read more

By Matthew Kessler
Kick-ass concerts didn’t come to Mobile, Alabama, in the 1990s. We had one venue, the Mobile Civic Center, and second-string hair metal bands like Cinderella might play once a year if we were lucky. Everything I knew about cool music I learned from cable television. In 1995, I was 14, and my summer days were occupied by Hacky Sack, cigarettes, MTV, and calling friends on my parents’ cordless phone. My nights: cruising around Mobile with friends who were old enough to drive, … read more

Sitting at a table flanked by her four bandmates in The Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna is very much in her element. “I really wanted to give myself the gift of being able to write with people who brought themselves to the table and brought their own ideas in,” she says of her decision to assemble the group six years ago. That gift has certainly paid off: The synergy between each member of The Julie Ruin — keyboardist and vocalist Kenny Mellman, bassist Kathi Wilcox, guitarist Sara Landeau, and … read more

“I am not a piece of food,” T-Rextasy announce on “Chik’N,” the first track from their cleverly named debut LP, Jurassic Punk. It’s a declaration of independence from a band young enough to fearlessly defy expectations, and brave enough to truly subvert them. “Some people, especially adults, have brought up ‘Chik’N’ in a way that implies that somehow the subject of ‘women as meat’ isn’t relevant anymore,” bassist Annie Fidoten tells MTV News. “Sort of like, ‘Oh, don’t … read more

“Everyone is an alien to me,” Shehzaad Jiwani states on “Blown Out,” a song from Greys’s new record, Outer Heaven. A few tracks earlier, he’s ruminating on the color of his skin, and its effect on how he’s perceived by others, across the monstrous hooks of “No Star.” Outer Heaven — the second LP from the veteran Toronto punks — feels weighty, crucial. Jiwani is looking to connect, yet feeling detached. One moment, Jiwani is suspicious of his surroundings; the next, he’s the … read more

5 Seconds of Summer have great taste in music — you can tell by looking at their shirts. Hell, you can even create a badass playlist solely based on their threads. But, you know, no one’s wardrobe is ever really complete — and nor is one’s record collection.
Consummate music — and band Ts — fans ourselves, we have shouldered the burden of curating a whole new collection of shirts for our favorite pop punk dudes from Down Under. Check ’em out, guys — and if you, the readers, want … read more

Bikini Kill has a brand-new song out today — except that’s not. New that is. At all. The iconic riot grrrl band is out with “Playground,” a previously unreleased track from their 1991 album, Revolution Girl Style, and according to the band’s Kathi Wilcox, they don’t rightly even remember recording the sneering, warped childhood rhyme of a track.
“Playground” — which heavily samples from old classics like “I am rubber, you are glue” — won’t be the first new/old track from … read more

Avril Lavigne has been struggling silently with her Lyme disease, which was first revealed as a mystery illness last December. But on Monday morning (June 29), the “Hello Kitty” singer spoke up about the disease on “Good Morning America,” telling people who suffer from it, “There is hope.”
Lavigne said she was bed-ridden in Los Angeles since October 2014 — “literally the worst time of my life.” When she consulted doctors about why she was so tired all the time, many of them didn’t … read more

Here we are now, entertain us … with trivia. NIrvana’s “Nevermind” was released on Sept. 24, 1991. The band’s original record contract with Sub Pop only paid them $600, but this album would go on to sell 30 million copies worldwide. Perhaps they weren’t always understood at the time — MTV even misspelled the group’s Moon Man award in 1992 as “Smells Like Team Spirit” — but over the years Nirvana has certainly captured the zeitgeist for anyone who wishes to come as they are, no matter what team … read more