First, it was the vampire facial. Now, we have an at-home blood cream. When I say “we,” I mean E! News host Catt Sadler and me, who were recently invited me test Dr. Barbara Sturm’s best-selling product: the customized MC1 Blood Cream.
It’s as it sounds: a moisturizing face cream made with your own blood. Sure enough, it’s pricy—around $1,000 for a jar, but it’s not a completely new idea—it’s the same concept used in Kim Kardashian’s headline-making vampire facial, in which your own blood is … read more

Soft lips are sexy lips.
A little TLC in the lip department never hurt anyone, and that rings especially true in colder months. If you find, despite your addiction to lip balm, that yours are a little more shriveled and parched rather than full and plump, celeb dermatologist Dr. Barbara Sturm has a solution for you. Her fix? Apply your face serum to your lips before you go to bed to keep them looking and feeling better than ever.
By nature, all face serums contain high concentrations of good-for-your-skin … read more