Hopefully you’ve recovered from the shock of seeing Harry Styles’s first solo magazine covers, because we need to have a thorough discussion about them. HARRY STYLES WEARS A CHOKER AND SO MUCH MORE ON HIS FIRST SOLO MAGAZINE COVER
See, these three covers have sent the internet into quite the dizzying tizzy, and everyone had to find their own coping mechanism for dealing with the sheer beauty of it all. Some people pulled up the pics and sang “Hey Angel” directly at their laptop screens (or … read more

The VMAs are all about celebrating talent, about highlighting the best work that artists bring to the screen. But let’s be real: They’re about drama, too.
Over the years, bands have beefed with bands, brothers have beefed with brothers, and rappers have beefed with unsuspecting techno artists. There’s no shortage of juicy VMA beef to be found in the archive. We ranked the show’s 17 wildest spats.
Bette Midler Hosts, Cyndi Lauper Shines, Mannequins Are Set On Fire: Liveblogging The ’84 VMAs Russell … read more

The MTV Video Music Awards stage has turned into a battleground of shade time and time again. As we wait in anticipation of the drama that may unfold this Sunday at the 2016 awards, we’re looking back at some of the wildest moments in VMAs beef history, from fist-throwing rockers to unabashedly outspoken rappers. Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus, 2015 It all started when Minaj and Taylor Swift exchanged heated comments after the rapper tweeted, “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you … read more

The sun sets on summer as the shade rolls in with the 2016 VMAs in all of its petty glory.
MTV’s award show for music videos has lived at the corner of culture and controversy since its birth in 1984 when Madonna writhed her way out of a wedding cake, clad in a lace maxi bustier, and onto center stage for “Like A Virgin.” It was a time when society had attention spans that appreciated music videos on televisions in their entirety rather than letting them play in the background on a laptop … read more

–The Weeknd brought down the house at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s Third Annual St. Tropez gala.
–Channing Tatum wore a navy Richer Poorer tee while on a stroll with wife Jenna Dewan in NYC.
–Adrian Grenier hosted Lonely Whale Foundation’s Summer Sunset Dinner in NYC.
–Olivia Palermo hosted an intimate cocktail party to celebrate the official NY launch of Moët Ice Imperial Rosé at the REVOLVE Hamptons House.
–Zachary Levi stopped by the Johnson & Johnson “Donate a Photo” … read more

Talk about a very literal play on words. The legendary rock stars of Guns N’ Roses didn’t get the Canadian welcome they were expecting upon crossing the border Friday. According to frontman Axl Rose, the group’s bus was stopped and searched upon entering the neighboring country for the next stop on their reunion tour, Not in This Lifetime. The group was on its way from Philadelphia, where they had performed the night before.
“You did what? What? ‘Oh, yeah, we found a gun,'” Rose described the encounter … read more

Who knew hard rocking Axl Rose was a diva? The Guns ’n’ Roses lead singer, who is currently touring with AC/DC, has become a pretty darn funny meme, but he’s not laughing.
According to Know Your Meme, the “Fat Axl Rose” meme has actually been around for a few years. It came about when some photos of Axl with some extra pounds surfaced. The pics were taken at a concert in Winnipeg, Canada back in January of 2010. The media took notice and a meme was born, using the pics – as well as some … read more

It looks Zayn Malik is out of the dog house… for now.
The “Like I Would” singer, who recently split with Gigi Hadid before getting back together with the model days later, was spotted leaving his girlfriend’s home in New York City on Thursday (June 9, 2016).
That same day, Hadid was seen also exiting the apartment. She later retweeted a message from Malik’s account about his “Pillowtalk” music video reaching 500 million views.
Though it may seem like things between the couple are … read more

We’ve rounded up some of the best stories of the day featuring news items on Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Fogle, Brandi Glanviille and more.
Rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio and Roxy Horner were an item surfaced after U.K. outlets reported that DiCaprio was spotted getting cozy with the stunner at the Chiltern Firehouse in London [Us Weekly]
Jared Fogle’s ass will remain locked up in prison for his full sentence … now that his appeal to get it shortened was shot down. [TMZ]
Orange is the New Black … read more

Axl Rose isn’t happy with the internet right now. The frontman for Guns N’ Roses recently filed multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaints asking Google to take down unflattering photos of him that are online. According to the Associated Press, Rose used a company called Web Sheriff to file multiple requests citing copyright violations for photos of “Fat Axl Rose” meme. Below are a few examples of the photos and memes he’s trying to remove, which mock Rose’s weight using lyrics … read more

– Axl Rose has been getting back in the spotlight of late—including a show last month with AC/DC and a reunion before that with Slash of Guns N’ Roses—which might explain why he’s getting a little defensive about his image. Torrent Freak reports that Rose’s representatives are trying to erase a “fat photo” of him from 2010 by sending takedown notices to Google. The image, shot during a concert in Winnipeg, has since spawned countless memes, notes CNET, including “Oh, sweet pie ‘o mine.” … read more

Dear Frank Ocean,
Hey, buddy! Sorry we haven’t been in touch for a minute, but our 2016 has been wild. Everyone running for president is psychotic. So many of our heroes have died this year — Bowie, Phife, Garry Shandling, and now Prince, for fuck’s sake — it’s starting to feel like God is soft-launching the Rapture. Plus, we found out this week that UberEATS delivers doughnuts. We’ve been yo-yoing in and out of a staff-wide sugar coma ever since. It’s part of our grieving process; … read more

At Coachella, you never forget you are in the desert. The lush oasis of green grass and palm trees just underlines how thoroughly inhospitable to sustaining life the climate feels. During a historic California drought, watching Coachella workers in irrigating golf carts continually spray water on Indio’s dusty polo grounds felt extravagant. But attending Coachella is not about questioning conspicuous consumption – it’s about perfecting it. And I have come here to see Guns N’ Roses, whose … read more

–Alec Baldwin showed off wife Hilaria, who is pregnant with their third child together, at the National Dance Institute’s 40th Anniversary Annual Gala, which raised $1.5 million for their award-winning arts education programs, at PlayStation Theater in NYC.
–Kendall Jenner gave a surprise DJ set at the 1 Oak and Up & Down party sponsored by Casamigos in Bermuda Dunes, California.
–Suki Waterhouse celebrated the launch of Amazon’s Style Code Live fashion and beauty show with best friend … read more

A version of this article previously appeared on EW.com.
AC/DC recently had to reschedule the rest of its Rock or Bust World Tour after it became clear that Brian Johnson couldn’t continue to perform because of a hearing condition, which the singer opened up about in a note distributed Tuesday. In the note, Johnson explains he “risked total deafness” if he kept performing at large venues “where the sound levels are beyond [his] current tolerance.” Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose will be joining AC/DC … read more