2016 has been a year fraught with death, sadness, and insanity, even if we’re just talking about what we saw on TV. Through it all, the laughter has never died. As proof, here are a whole bunch of TV moments that made us laugh this year.
This is not a list of the funniest things that happened on TV in 2016, since that would be really difficult and polarizing to compile. This is just a list of things that made us laugh really hard in 2016, and hopefully it will bring you as much joy as it brings … read more

The countdown is on! With Thanksgiving just hours away, Americans are scrambling for last-minute ideas as they prepare to cook turkey, stuffing and more festive foods for their loved ones. Luckily, we have Chrissy Teigen, who shared dozens of helpful tips for surviving the holiday during a live Q&A session via Twitter Tuesday, November 22.
The 30-year-old Cravings cookbook author (and self-proclaimed Stove Top–stuffing aficionado) held a “Thanksgiving hotline” late Tuesday night to answer … read more

Embed from Getty Images I would imagine that you know who John Tesar is if you A) live in Dallas, B) are familiar with Texas chefs or C) are a devoted Top Chef viewer. Tesar owns the popular Dallas steakhouse Knife and he’s in the process of opening up three more eateries. He also competed on Season 13 of Top Chef and he once worked with Anthony Bourdain at the Supper Club. Bourdain is the reason why I’m covering this – as we’ve noted many times, Bourdain sees himself as the overgrown enfant … read more

Who knew there was so much drama in the food world? With all these chef turned TV stars throwing some minor (and major) shade, we kind of want a Real World-esque reality show where they all live in a house together, cook some food and shade the crap out of each other.
Couldn’t you see Ina Garten telling Rachael Ray to “step the hell off”? Or Guy Fieri getting all up in Bobby Flay’s face over who controls the grill? No? Well, try to imagine that because it’s awesome.
Here’s a brief history of celebrity … read more

Get ready to embrace the crisp air! Following the months of ice-cold lemonade and juicy watermelon, celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Alton Brown, Sandra Lee, and Gail Simmons are warming Us up with some of their favorite fall recipes. Find out how to make their delicious dishes below! Nicole Richie’s Brussels Sprouts With Bacon
2 tbsp cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 1/2 lbs brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved
1 tsp sea salt, plus more as desired
Freshly … read more

Do you consider yourself a foodie and an excellent chef who would make the perfect star of the next big cooking show? Well, think again. Food Network’s Alton Brown is here to shatter your dreams.
In a recent interview with The New York Times, the Cutthroat Kitchen host was asked to explain the difference between being a real chef and being a Food Network star, and he couldn’t help but go off in, well, cutthroat fashion.
“It’s funny. On Food Network Star, I got so tired of hearing people tell me … read more

A lot of people like Anthony Bourdain. I understand that. But I think he’s a douche-canoe. He’s like a bitchy middle-schooler stuck in the body of an aging hipster. Bourdain has a long history of saying bitchy things about nearly every well-known celebrity chef/cook. In one of his most recent interviews, Bourdain hit out at Adam Richmond and Guy Fieri, which is sort of like shooting fish in a barrel. But Bourdain did have nice things to say about Ina Garten, and as it turns out, Bourdain sort … read more

Anthony Bourdain isn’t the only celebrity chef who can throw shade!
In a new interview with People magazine, Food Network star Alton Brown was asked for his thoughts on Bourdain and his love of talking crap about other famous cooks in the industry.
“I don’t have to defend my skills against anybody,” the Camp Cutthroat host said. “I’ve got 14 years and 252 episodes of a show called Good Eats that I’m pretty sure I can use as a résumé for my skills.”
Brown continued of the outspoken No Reservations … read more

Wale and Sprint engaged in a mini war of words on Twitter on Tuesday night in what turned into an entertaining ordeal. Things started off pretty cordial, but by the end, the rapper was taking (very lighthearted) jabs at the company. It’s not the first time someone famous has used Twitter to air out some frustrations with a brand. It actually happens kind of frequently. Not all of these should technically be categorized as “beef.” Some are critical. Some are playful. And some are just plain … read more

Kristen Stewart is in Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week where she looked 100% chic as hell in Chanel on Tuesday morning (Jan. 27, 2015). On Monday (Jan. 26, 2015), Kristen appeared on Live! with Michael and Kelly where she confessed she needs some time away from Hollywood and acting. Looking sophisticated and fashionable, per usual, Kristen wore a white sleeveless Chanel minidress while attending the Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 runway show at Le Grand Palais Tuesday. She paired her ensemble with … read more