Kate Beckinsale was in this complicated Reem Acra gown last night, it had puffy sleeves, a lot of tulle at the skirt, multicolored sequins and the skirt was sheer. This is several layers of wrong but at least it’s black instead of say, pastel. That’s the nicest thing I can say about it. Also, Beckinsale’s face on camera was… distracting, I’ll say that. She’s been looking like that for some time though. Since we’re considering pastel looks here’s Kaley Cuoco in very bizarre strapless … read more

WWE star John Cena hosted Saturday Night Live last night (December 10), only the fourth pro wrestler to host SNL after Hulk Hogan and Mr. T and four-time host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Cena was pretty great, even when the episode wasn’t, full of energy and charisma and several steps above the dead-eyed athletes that typically host the show. The last two episodes have been marked by President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets about the show, though Trump was thankfully silent during last night’s airing, … read more

Ever try changing the channel? President-elect Donald Trump shared his thoughts on Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live impression of the reality star turned politician during a Wednesday, December 7, interview with the Today show. Trump, 70, told Today’s Matt Lauer that although he hosted SNL in 2015, he is now unimpressed with NBC’s long-running sketch-comedy show. “I hosted SNL when it was a good show but it’s not a good show anymore,” the ex–Celebrity Apprentice host said. “Nothing … read more

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin just make it look easy! The couple and their kids, who are HOLA! USA’s cover stars, open up about how they met, upcoming projects and raising their three beautiful children. When it comes to the pair’s three-year-old daughter, Hilaria reveals that teaching her daughter her native language is crucial and she’s already speaking two languages at home. “Carmen’s first language is Spanish. I only speak Spanish with her…and with Alec she is smart enough to know that she needs … read more

Alec Baldwin said he hopes his hilarious impersonation of Donald Trump on SNL can get Americans laughing again after a “very, very difficult” election, as he and wife Hilaria Baldwin chatted with HOLA! magazine for a cover story.
The couple posed with their daughter Carmen and sons Rafael and Leonardo as the It’s Complicated star – who has been slammed by Trump over on social media – opened up on his popular portrayal of the president-elect “I’m glad people find it funny … but at the … read more

There is no doubt Ireland Baldwin is quickly becoming one of the sexiest models currently on the scene. And it’s no wonder, what with her parents Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who are icons in their own right.
Thanks to her upbringing, not only is she fully comfortable in her own skin but she’s also proud to flaunt it.
For her new video for the Love magazine Advent calendar, Ireland stripped down and did a sexy little dance along with it. She is shown running down the beach before taking it off … read more

I never knew I could like Alec Baldwin so much, but his time portraying Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live has gone beyond the parameters of normal comic parody. Baldwin has become a voice for those skeptical of the Trump presidency.
Trump has been vocal about his displeasure over the comedy sketches SNL has written around him. He has consistently called the sketches “biased” and “not fair” on Twitter, and Baldwin has promptly and consistently responded to Trump’s comments with the perfect comebacks.
Most … read more

Saturday Night Live continued their parody of Donald Trump, as they should, in Saturday’s show (Dec. 3, 2016), this time poking fun at how the President-elect just can’t stop tweeting. The sketch shows Trump (the brilliant Alec Baldwin) participating in an important security briefing with Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway and two advisers, but who isn’t paying attention because he is retweeting other “random, real people.”
“There is a reason the Donald tweets so much,” Conway says … read more

I actually had some concerns that Alec Baldwin would never appear on Saturday Night Live following the election. In the immediate wake of the election, sources did say that he wasn’t interested in continuing his Donald Trump impression, and that Lorne Michaels was probably going to have to scramble to find someone else. But Baldwin came back. And he keeps coming back. I suspect that Baldwin’s motives are something of a high-level trolling. He saw that his impression of Trump pissed off the real … read more

Looks like Donald Trump got his feelings hurt!!
The President-elect last night tuned in for Saturday Night Live, as he apparently often does, and after seeing himself spoofed by Alec Baldwin on the show, The Donald took to Twitter to deliver a VERY strong (haha, jk) message! Here’s what Trump had to say on Twitter after seeing the video (above) that, ironically, lampooned the exact Twitter personality he showcased in the tweet here (below): No exclamation point?! Is it just because he ran out of … read more

Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live last night (Dec 3) with musical guest Shawn Mendes, along with a cameo from Jennifer Aniston and Alec Baldwin reprising his portrayal of Donald Trump. And, of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of SNL in 2016 without President-elect Trump himself weighing in, as he did (again!) last night:
SNL seems to be trying to take its portrayal of Trump a bit more seriously this time around, breaking the fourth wall to hint that the sketch’s premise (Trump retweeting random … read more

Hollywood has definitely not been on Donald Trump’s side, throughout his campaign and certainly not after he was elected. The list of celebrities who actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton and spoke out against Trump goes on and on – and now Seth MacFarlane is sharing his thoughts on why the majority of the entertainment industry despises the businessman-turned-president. “Wanna know why Hollywood folks hate Trump? We live and work amongst his kind every day out here,” the Family Guy creator … read more

Maggie Q and Alec Baldwin showed their support for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in New York City on Thursday night (Dec. 1, 2016).
Celebuzz caught up with Q at the debut of Dr. Neal Barnard’s latest music project with CarbonWorks that benefitted PCRM, a research and advocacy non-profit organization founded by Dr. Barnard that promotes preventive medicine, good nutrition, and ethical research. At the event, hosted by Baldwin, Q said that PCRM and PETA are two of the … read more

Maybe some people won’t remember this, but Republicans regularly threw hissy fits over the cost of Secret Service agents detailed to Michelle Obama whenever she was out of the White House. Whenever she traveled – especially internationally – the GOP delighted in regaling the country with the “excessive” taxpayer cost of protecting the president’s wife. I doubt the GOP will be concerned about this though – reportedly, Melania Trump will not be moving into the White House. She’s going … read more

Alec Baldwin replied to Donald Trump’s most recent criticism of Saturday Night Live in a Twitter rant on Sunday, November 20, shortly after the president-elect dissed the Emmy winner’s portrayal of him.
“I watched parts of @nbcsnl Saturday Night Live last night. It is a totally one-sided, biased show — nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?” Trump, 70, tweeted early Sunday morning.
Baldwin, 58, promptly responded with a series of tweets, writing, “Equal time? Election is over. There is no more … read more