ESC: Dare to Wear, Paris Hilton

Let’s set the scene: You’ve made it to the party, and you’re stunning. You have on the perfect NYE sparkling dress, killer heels, a winter coat and a face that melts hearts. There’s nothing stopping you from entering in 2017 as the bombshell you’re meant to be. Until your eyes gaze along the edges of the party, and you realize that there isn’t a coat check. Your friends grab your hand and pull you onto the dance floor, and there you are, dancing awkwardly with your coat and bag in your arms—inconvenience much?

If you’re in a city that gets pretty cold, you may not run into the problem as often. If you do, Paris Hilton has the jacket for you.

Whether you call it a faux fur cropped jacket, bolero, capelet or shrug, a shorter, smaller version of the faux fur coat is a good option for holiday parties. First of all, you (or your significant other) won’t have to carry a huge coat. Plus, your outfit will be the star of the show at all times.

ESC: Dare to Wear, Paris Hilton


Tip #1: Cropped jackets look best with short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses. If your top does have sleeves, make sure that they’re shorter than your jacket’s.

Tip #2: Brown, gray or black fur looks best for festive events. It’s best to stay neutral and let your outfit do the talking.

Tip #3: If you’re feeling ultra feminine (or cold), add long silk or leather gloves for a sophisticated look.

Tevolio Women’s Faux Fur Capelet with Satin Lining, $39.99; L.K. Bennett Evella Faux Fur Jacket, Black, $95; Yohji Yamamoto Vintage Faux Fur Knit Bolero, $653


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