Taylor Swift, above at a New York event this year, is heavily guarded by a security team.

Taylor Swift’s security team is treating her latest meet-and-greets with highly aggressive measures.

[email protected] has learned that the team of protectors watching her at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas last weekend were so paranoid for the “Shake It Off” singer that they got confrontational with a group of fans when one of them tried to snap a pic of Swift backstage.

“I got on the line to do the meet-and-greet with a bunch of what looked like 12-year-olds, and her bodyguard was yelling at people checking for wristbands, being aggressive,” says one concertgoer. “I asked her bodyguard if he read the (September) Rolling Stone piece, and he was laughing about it.”

The current Rolling Stone cover story on Swift describes “Defcon-3 level” security, led by a former NYPD officer named Jimmy, who guards the main door in Swift’s Tribeca building, unlocking the door for Swift and other residents who live there.

“Most of the neighbors know what’s what by now,” he told the magazine.

He also resides in the $5 million apartment Swift purchased across the hall from her $17 million penthouse. The smaller unit houses her security team.

When our spy joked about his living quarters at the music festival in Las Vegas, one member of Swift’s team rolled his eyes, joking that the pad is “a real dump.”

But when our spy was overheard joking that Swift “needs more security than Obama,” he was bumped from the line.

“Then I just asked him that when Taylor leaves the room, if I can just take a picture of her walking by for my niece, and he became very nasty and said don’t even try to take a picture of her,” says our source. “He was so angry and his face was so angry, and he became confrontational. I told him to relax and it’s no big deal, I don’t need a picture of Taylor that bad.”

Our spy says while her security team was fighting, Swift was taking pictures with young fans and twirling her hair and smiling.

“The whole incident was nuts. She acts sweet and they act insane,” says the source. “The guy was so cool and in one second (he) became a raging nut job. I thought at some point he must have lost oxygen to the brain.”

Later, while Swift was performing, our source was front and center with a pal and the same guard planted himself two feet in front of him, blocking him from the show.

“He was snarling at me,” says the source. “I proceeded to snap pictures and film video right in front of him of Taylor, and his face was boiling.”

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