The tribe has spoken…

Michael Skupin probably didn’t expect things to get worse for him after he first fell into that fire on Survivor 15 years ago, but the burn is the least of his problems now.

That’s because the two-time CBS reality show contestant was just sentenced to 1-4 years in prison for child pornography on Tuesday… and he’s sounding much more guilty this time around!

As you may recall, the Survivor: Philippines finalist — and infamous Survivor: The Australian Outback medevac — was first investigated by authorities back in February for a completely unrelated Ponzi scheme. However, it was during the search and seizure that police found child porn on his computer, leading to his eventual conviction in November.

But while the 54-year-old was overly adamant about his lack of involvement with the case at first, the AP reports he told the court he was “deeply sorry” for his actions during his sentencing.

Sorry he did it? Or sorry he got caught??

Regardless, Skupin will be in jail for at least one year before he’s eligible for parole — but seeing as he was found guilty on four out of six child pornography charges… he’ll probably be in there for the maximum time allowed.

Plus, he also has to pay $31,800 to all the victims of his financial rip-off… so he better not have spent that $100,000 runner-up prize!

Do U think four years is enough punishment??


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