The first season of Westworld has drawn to a close, answering numerous questions but posing even more. We’ve got some thoughts from the show’s creators, as well as spoilers on Supergirl, Lucifer and more!

Curious how Wally’s training is going to go with H.R. on The Flash?

“What I love about this version of Wells, and he’s said it himself before, but we actually show it rather than just tell it, he is a genius in his own way,” EP Andrew Kreisberg said. “He has the capacity to see other people’s talent and how to mine it and how to grow it. He sees that in Wally. Like he says in an upcoming episode, there’s nothing in it for him to help Wally, but he sees that Wally is special and that’s where he can shine, in helping other people discover their own value and helping other people develop their own gifts.” [Entertainment Tonight]

In the season finale of Westworld, Maeve and Felix stumble upon samurais fighting, teasing other imagined worlds guests can visit. The show’s creators elaborate on just how far the show is going to go…

“We wanted the show to change, season on season, sometimes in terms of the characters you’re looking at, but with many familiar faces along the way,” series co-creator Jonathan Nolan explained. “And see how their journey, the hosts’ journey, shifts and changes as they understand more of the world around them. At the same time, the title of the series and our interest in the Western aspect of it, and what that means and why that genre was so durable and so evocative for so long, for us means that there’s always a connection to that place and that key of storytelling.”

His wife and co-creator Lisa Joy also briefly touched on the flies in the show: “Well, the flies were always the canary in the coal mine of where the story was going, because they were the one not-programmed creature in the park. So that tiny little slap that Dolores did at the beginning of the season was a harbinger of things to come. Now, in Season 2, now that the gloves are off, we’re gonna see a lot of flies — and they’re not necessarily gonna be actual flies.” [TV Line]

Desperate to know what’s in store for Alex and Maggie’s relationship on Supergirl?

“There’s definitely some bumps,” Kreisberg shared. “Just because they are together now doesn’t mean it’s going to go smoothly. Alex has never been in this kind of relationship before and she’s going to make some rookie mistakes that they’ll have to get past. Maggie has been presented as being the perfect guide for Alex’s journey this season, but Alex is going to learn that Maggie isn’t perfect, which is going to lead to some difficult situations coming down the road.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Wanting to see the Angel of Darkness’s initial arrival in L.A. on Lucifer? It looks you’re going to get your wish…

“That’s the plan!” showrunner Ildy Modrovich said. “We have four episodes at the very end [of Season 2] that are going to be completely standalone, and we plan to make one of them a flashback to Lucifer first arriving.” [TV Line]

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