Actors like Jack McBrayer, Jane Krakowski and Judah Friedlander made “30 Rock,” the seven-year-long hit on NBC, what it was. You can’t imagine a sassy Liz Lemon without her hilariously narcissistic parter or the overly passionate page that never aged.

But you also can’t imagine music videos like Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” and The Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” without them either. Instead of an actress who covered up her age, Krakowski was the wife that covered up her murderous revenge on her husband in the Chicks’ 1999 video. And instead of catering to everybody’s needs at NBC, McBrayer catered to Mariah Carey’s every need in her 2008 clip.

Surprisingly, a lot of “30 Rock” members have been featured in music videos. Let’s take a look:

  1. Jack McBrayer, a.k.a. Kenneth Parcell

    Long before Kenneth was a page at NBC, he was a thirsty IT nerd fixing Mariah Carey’s computer in “Touch My Body.”

  2. Jane Krakowski, a.k.a. Jenna Maroney

    Jenna Maroney had a dark past in when she played Wanda, an abused wife in The Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” video. It’s cool though, because Wanda got her revenge, opened a produce stand, and then somehow got scouted for “TGS.”

  3. Tracy Morgan, a.k.a. Tracy Jordan

    Long ago (back in ’99), Diddy gave Tracy tickets to Biggie’s party in “Notorious B.I.G.,” as Tracy spouted hilarious lines along the way: “I took karate for 13 years, Karen.” He got to rub elbows with Puff, Lil’ Kim, Fat Joe, J.Lo and others in the party of a lifetime.

  4. Alec Baldwin, a.k.a. Jack Donaghy

    It’s not surprising that Alec Baldwin made a cameo in The Lonely Island’s “Great Day.” He hosted “Saturday Night Live,” with musical guest Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers the same day this aired on May 15, 2010.

  5. Katrina Bowden, a.k.a. Cerie

    Cerie starred in a cornucopia of music videos before she was hired as Liz Lemon’s assistant — including We Are Scientists’ “After Hours and Fall Out Boy’s “Dance, Dance” (above). She also had a role in Panic At The Disco’s “Miss Jackson” in 2013.

  6. Judah Friedlander, a.k.a. Frank Rossitano

    Frank just wanted a hug in Dave Matthews Band’s “Everyday” in 2001. Thankfully, since people were feeling the DMB ~vibez~, he received many.

  7. Elizabeth Banks, a.k.a. Avery Jessup

    We should never forget that Elizabeth Banks also starred in a music video sketch on “SNL” earlier this year.

  8. Chloë Grace Moretz, a.k.a. Kaylie Hooper

    Kaylie was a gang member in the Drew Barrymore-directed Best Coast video for “Our Deal,” produced by MTV. Glad she cleaned up since then.


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