George Clooney‘s beautiful wife looked even more gorgeous than usual at the premiere of Tomorrowland in Japan recently and celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D. tells Radar “she looks like she’s aging in reverse!”

“Her skin is pristine, and may have benefitted from regular chemical peels, such as the ZO Three Step Peel,” says Dr. Youn.

Dr. Youn, who has not treated Amal adds, “Her forehead is also smooth and wrinkle free, possibly from regular injections of Botox. She also has very full lips, which could be due to injections of a filler like Juvederm.”

Dr. Susan Evans, agrees with Dr. Youn and tells Radar, “She certainly looks younger. Her under eyes look fuller, maybe from fillers or perhaps eye surgery, including reposition fat under her eye.”

“The cheeks look lifted maybe from fillers because there are no scars. She still has lines in her cheeks too, which is not typical with a face lift. Celebrities often get fillers as a boost to their appearance,” says Dr. Evans, who has also not treated Amal.

According to Zara Harutyunyan, D.O.M., R.N., with Cosmetic Rejuvenation,”Without actually seeing her it is hard to be certain, but it looks like she is doing neuromodulators such as botox to diminish crow’s feet and lift eyebrows.”

“Amal also looks like she used dermal fillers in her tear troughs to improve dark circles, as well as in her cheeks, to improve facial volume loss and more cheek definition.”Press via Getty Images)


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