Right in time for recruiting New Years resolutioners, Oprah announced ahead of the holidays that she’s shed 40 pounds so far in Weight Watchers, in which she owns a significant stake. Of course Oprah has one of the most motivating reasons of all to lose with WW, whenever she announced her success she earns millions of dollars. Just like the time Oprah announced her 30 pound loss, Weight Watchers stock surged following her latest statement, earning her $10 million in a day. Check out this graph of WW stock following Oprah’s announcement last Thursday. Oprah is making bank. In fact since she became the spokesperson for WW she’s gained over $35 million, just going by the increase in the value of the stock she owns.

Here’s Oprah’s new commercial for Weight Watchers and you can see another one on her twitter:

Here’s what Oprah told People about her weight loss. She has a new cookbook coming out in January and she also strives to take 10,000 steps a day:

Winfrey, who is a Weight Watchers shareholder, said that the program is less of a diet, and more of a life change.

“Weight Watchers is easier than any other program I’ve ever been on,” she said in a press release shared with PEOPLE. “It’s a lifestyle, a way of eating and a way of living that’s so freeing. You never feel like you are on a diet and it works.”

“I would say to anyone who’s thinking of joining Weight Watchers: Take the leap. And get about the business of enjoying a fantastic and full life,” Winfrey says in the commercial.

She’ll share some of her favorite, Weight Watchers-friendly recipes in her new cookbook Food, Health and Happiness, out on Jan. 3, along with deeply personal stories about her weight loss journey.

One of the reasons Oprah has increased the value of WW so much is that she’s genuinely sold on the program and its benefits. Plus she can still eat BREAD and she’s super enthusiastic about that. Check out this Instagram she posted of the fresh jalapeño cheese biscuits she was enjoying.

Ok, so I just calculated my points allotment for the day and if I want to lose even two pounds I only get 24 points. One of these biscuits is almost half that. (Although you get free points for vegetables and you have like an extra 35 floating points a week.) People call WW simplified calorie counting but I find calorie counting much easier. Still, it obviously works for a lot of people and Oprah is a convincing example of that.

Oh and that Christmas onesie is adorable! Oprah wore it on the cover of December’s O! this year. Oprah is just like us, she wears Christmas jammies and she earns $870,500 for every pound she loses. She didn’t even have to give up bread for that.

photos credit: Weight Watchers, Getty and WENN

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